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Kpop Music Song Requests

Kpop Music Song Requests

Request your favorite kpop music songs, following the rules below.

You will be able to listen on our daily program, “The Requests Playlist”, with the 30 most requested songs, at 10pm KST, via kpopway.com & RADIO option in our mobile app (Android / iPhone & iPad)

Request time: every day from 10am KST until 11.59pm KST (request until widget is closed. If it is still open, please keep requesting)
Broadcast time: the day after request started, at 10pm KST

Please Request Below Following Our Rules and Tips

1 – Request your song, searching in the list below. You can request every 30 minutes & the 30 most requested songs will be broadcasted

2 – Share this page with your mutuals (in any social media), suggesting which song they must request, so your songs have more chances to be broadcasted.

3 – Don’t forget to follow us in Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or Facebook, just if you love us…

4 – No more than 2 songs per artist will be programmed. The best is to organize your requests, so you can focus as a fan club to aim to no more than 2 songs per artist, so you can increase your chances. Request a lot of times, every 30 minutes, to have chances. Thanks.