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Request here the best kpop music by your favorite artists, using our automated system, 24/7.

IMPORTANT! Please, request only one song, every one hour, per person. Maximum requests per day, is of 10 songs per person. Not complying with this, may cause removing your artists from the list. Respect other listeners that are also waiting for their songs. Thank you.

Waiting time for requests can vary, between a few minutes (if there are no requests) and more than 4 hours if there are a lot of requests. Please be patient, that all songs will be programmed.

DJ may close the request system from time to time, when there are too many songs requested. Return soon in some hours if you find the system closed temporarily.

Note: We are updating our songs database to include more songs every week. If you can't find the song you would like here, please send us an email to so we can consider purchasing it. Thanks!