This is our weekly ranking chart, showing the best ten kpop music songs at Kpopway Radio; the Kpopway Top 10.

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Evaluation period: February 16 to February 22

Kpopway Charts


Kpopway Hot 20 & Top 10 Table

New Nominations this Week:

  • Paranoia / Kang Daniel
  • Doom Doom Ta / Tri.Be
  • God Damn / I.M (Monsta X)
  • Encore / GOT7
  • Don’t Call Me / SHINee

Songs Leaving our Ranking this Week:

  • Things To Love / Kim Jaejoong (8 weeks limit)
  • Hwaa / (G)i-dle (low performance)
  • I’m Not Cool / HyunA (low performance)
  • Going Crazy / Treasure (low performance)
  • D-D-Dance / IZ*ONE (low performance)

Complete List of Nominations:

  1. Cry For Me / TWICE
  2. What I Said / Victon
  3. No Diggity / ONEUS
  4. Odd Eye / Dreamcatcher
  5. Thank U  / U-KNOW (Yunho)
  6. Celebrity / IU
  7. Burn It / Golden Child
  8. Sugar / Kim Woo Seok
  9. Eat My Love / BIBI
  10. Cinema / CIX
  11. Can We Talk Again / Purple Kiss
  12. I Want / Niel (Teen Top)
  13. Valentine / Peniel (BTOB)
  14. Bicycle / ChungHa
  15. Hello / Chuu (LOONA) & Lee Hyeop (Drippin) 
  16. Paranoia / Kang Daniel
  17. Doom Doom Ta / Tri.Be
  18. God Damn / I.M (Monsta X)
  19. Encore / GOT7
  20. Don’t Call Me / SHINee

About Our Ranking

  • The Kpopway weekly ranking features the 10 most important songs of the week in our radio station. This are selected by voting inside our mobile app (Download here for Android & iPhone/iPad)
  • As there are 20 nominated songs, the first 10 are considered our formal Top Ten ranking songs, and all the 20, are considered our Hot 20 songs.
  • The table shown above was built as a 20 song ranking, to give an idea of their popularity. The more time this songs are on the first 10 spots, the more time those are broadcasted in our radio station. So the songs leaving early due to low amount of votes, can be removed from our programming as soon as in 3 weeks. And songs with the top positions can stay up to 8 weeks in the chart.
  • Important to mention that only Korean language songs are nominated.
  • Artist winner of the Song of the Week poll will have a special program (as a mixtape format) on The Weekly Mixtape, on a next following week, with up to 8 programs (one for each win). The same program will be broadcasted 3 times, on Thursday 10:30am KST (aimed to America), Thursday 9pm KST (aimed to Asia & Australia) & Friday 4am KST (aimed to Europe & Africa) to cover all the world timezones.
  • In the case the artist winner of the special program, is a rookie artist, or with a few number of songs released, the special program, instead of a mixtape format, can be changed to a showcase program of the artist, including some information & best songs. This showcase program won’t be longer than 30 minutes and will be broadcasted in our main radio station.