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Weekly Kpop Music Ranking

This is our weekly ranking chart, showing the best 20 kpop music songs at Kpopway Radio; the Kpopway Top 20.

Listen to our commented countdown, presented every Tuesday 9am KST (replay on Wednesdays midnight KST). Don’t miss it, here at Kpopway.com kpop music radio.

Evaluation period: March 30 to April 5

New Nominations this Week:

  • Unnatural / WJSN
  • You / Checkmate
  • All In / DKB
  • Hush / Kim Sung Kyu
  • Bambi / Baekhyun

Songs Leaving our Ranking this Week:

  • Sugar / Kim Woo Seok
  • Analogue / Buzz
  • Seoul / Ghost9
  • Spit it Out / Majors
  • Moon Rider / BDC

Complete List of Nominations:

  1. Don’t Call Me / SHINee
  2. Lose / Wonho
  3. Before 12 O’Clock / Jung Gil
  4. Get Away / Veri Very
  5. House Party / Super Junior
  6. Ponzoña / Purple Kiss
  7. Do or Not / Pentagon
  8. Young Blood / Drippin
  9. After School / Weeekly
  10. I Like You / Ciipher
  11. Killa / Mirae
  12. Iyah / Kang Seung Yoon
  13. Warning / Kim Sejeong
  14. Lilac / IU
  15. You / Checkmate
  16. Unnatural / WJSN
  17. You / Checkmate
  18. All In / DKB
  19. Hush / Kim Sung Kyu
  20. Bambi / Baekhyun

About Our Ranking

  • The Kpopway weekly ranking features the 20 most important songs of the week in our radio station. Their final positions (ranking) are selected by voting inside our mobile app (Download here for Android & iPhone/iPad)
  • From the 20 nominated songs, the more time this songs are on the first 10 spots, the more time those are broadcasted in our radio station (8 weeks limit in our chart, but can stay longer in the station programming).
  • Places from 11 to 20, are considered leave zone, and those songs can be replaced by new nominated songs, starting their 3rd week in the chart. This means also, that can be removed from our programming as soon as newer songs are released.
  • Important to mention that only Korean language songs can be in our chart.
  • Artist winner of the Song of the Week poll will have a special program (as a mixtape format) on The Weekly Mixtape, on a next following week, with up to 8 programs (one for each win). The same program will be broadcasted 3 times, on Thursday 10:30am KST (aimed to America), Thursday 9pm KST (aimed to Asia & Australia) & Friday 4am KST (aimed to Europe & Africa) to cover all the world timezones.
  • In the case the artist winner of the special program, is a rookie artist, or with a few number of songs released, the special program, instead of a mixtape format, can be changed to a showcase program of the artist, including some information & best songs. This showcase program won’t be longer than 30 minutes and will be broadcasted in our main radio station, normally on Saturdays or Sundays, 10:30am KST (aimed to America), 9pm KST (aimed to Asia & Australia) & 4am KST (aimed to Europe & Africa) to cover all the world timezones.
  • In the case that a winner requests a showcase program (through a fan club) instead of a mixtape, in order to not make other fans unhappy, both gift types will alternate, every time a gift is awarded; 1 week a showcase, 1 week a mixtape.