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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps to Enjoy Kpop Music

Enjoy all our kpop music on the go, 24/7, with our free mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Just search for “Kpopway” in the mobile app stores or go directly to the links below:

Download Links To Obtain Our App

Mobile App Features To Enjoy Kpop Music

  • Lightweight (it doesn’t take big space)
  • Listen to both our channels from there (Radio & Mixtape)
  • Check which songs played during the last 90 minutes
  • Vote for your favorite songs & artists
  • Programs announcements with messaging (chat with other fans)
  • Summarized schedule with all our programs day by day
  • Song sharing via social media, messaging apps or email
  • Social media links
  • Every song streamed using mobile data, only consumes 60mb of data (you can listen to a 3 hours special program using mobile data, with less consumption of what a single video consumes)

If for any reason, the app doesn’t work in your device, you can go directly to our channels using any mobile browser and listen to Kpopway Radio or Kpopway Mixtape.