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Kim Hyun Joong Special Program

Kim Hyun Joong Special Program


Enjoy the best music by Kim Hyun-joong every week, in a mixtape format program (hand-made playlist). Programs are 3 hours long, with all his best hits (kpop & jpop).

Each program is unique and the songs are selected one by one carefully, selected from his Korean & Japanese releases.

How to Listen to The Kim Hyun Joong Special Program (Alien Space)?

  1. Listen directly using our website, and join our Kpopway Mixtape Channel with any PC, Mac, phone or tablet Android or iPhone / iPad.
  2. Listen using our mobile app, for Android & iPhone/iPad


  • First program: Mondays 10:30 am KST (Korean Standard Time)

  • Second program: Mondays 9:00 pm KST (Korean Standard Time)

  • Third program: Tuesdays 4:00 am KST (Korean Standard Time)

You can always request up to 3 songs to listen to each program, by sending an email to radio@kpopway.com two days before the first broadcast.

Special One Time Kim Hyun Joong Programs

In some cases that we can coordinate with listeners, there are also special versions of this program to celebrate:

  • His birthday
  • His debut anniversary
  • The fanclub anniversary
  • Any other special event related to Kim Hyun Joong

The dates for this can be on the same day, with additional time or on a totally different day, depending on our mixtape channel slots available.

About Kim Hyun Joong

The popular artist Kim Hyun Joong, protagonist of the dramas Playful Kiss, Boys Over Flowers and Inspiring Generation, will capture you with his voice, so you can enjoy his best hits, like A Bell of Blessing, Oasis, Kiss Kiss, Because I’m Stupid, among others.

In addition, you can always listen to the best kpop music 24 hours a day, including Kim Hyun Joong songs, listening on our regular kpop music channel.

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