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JYJ – Jaejoong, Yuchun & Junsu Special Program

The excellent music of the legendary group JYJ, you can find it here on Kpopway radio and every week, we have 3 programs of 3 hours each, “Orion Sounds”. You can listen to the great hits by JYJ and their solo members. Each program is unique and the songs are selected one by one carefully.

Note: This program is currently not being broadcasted due to low amount of listeners. Please refer to featured programs status. If you want to listen to this program again, you can win a special program for JYJ voting in the best kpop music artist of the week poll.

How to listen to JYJ Special Program (Orion Sounds)?

  1. Listen directly using our website, and join our Kpopway Mixtape Channel with any PC, Mac, phone or tablet Android or iPhone / iPad.
  2. Listen using our mobile app, for Android iPhone/iPad


  • First program: Sundays 10:30 am KST

  • Second program: Sundays 9:00 pm KST

  • Third program: Mondays 4:00 am KST 

You can always request up to 3 songs to listen to each program, by sending an email to radio@kpopway.com two days before each program.

Besides their weekly shows, you can also listen to a special Orion Sounds program for birthday celebrations of individual members, Park Yoochun (former), Kim Junsu and Kim Jae-joong. This special programs will be announced when time comes.

About JYJ

The legendary JYJ group, made up of Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu (XIA), will delight you with their voices and their greatest hits such as “Empty”, “W”, “Back Seat” and more.

In addition, you can always listen to the best kpop music 24 hours a day, on Kpopway Radio, including JYJ songs, listening on our regular kpop music channel.

Spread the word to other fans of JYJ. Share it on Facebook and other social media. Thank you.