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Hello. I feel a little bit frustrated because I can see that this radio has some special programs for some artists, but none of them are BTS.

They are now, not only Korean super stars but global super stars. They deserve to have their own program here. Please consider it. Thank you. 

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  • Hello Cookie Chan. Thanks for your comment. We had some months ago, a special program for BTS, called ARMY FORCE. It was broadcasted for a long time, but it never received many listeners. So, for that reason, and being now our Mixtape Channel a donations based channel, we decided to remove the BTS program.

    It is possible to have again that program, but it will need to be supported by donations from fans. Hope you can understand. Thanks.

  • yo opino lo mismo, no escucho que pasen siquiera una cancion de bts


  • Hola Nayeli. Siempre duenan canciones de BTS en la radio. Incluso puedes pedirlas tú misma en nuestro sistema de pedidos aquí:

    Como le explicaba a Cookie, hacimos programas especiales de BTS durante buen tiempo, varios meses, pero fueron retirados porque tenían muy poca audiencia. Pero, en el futuro podrían regresar. Gracias.

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  • I agree with you. A BTS special progam would be great

  • I think at some given time, we can make a poll, to ask if it can be broadcasted with some good amount of listeners. Thank you!

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