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Featured Programs Status

Featured Programs Status

The following is the current schedule for featured programs, or its status, based on donations, presented in our Mixtape Channel.

Important to know that:

  • As agreed before, all featured (special) programs need $60 per month to be broadcasted completely (3 times per week during all the month).
  • Not reaching this amount ($60) means a permanent removal of that program.

Current Featured Programs Status (All in Schedule – Receiving Donations)

During November 2021, this will be the schedule:

  • Blue Style (CNBLUE): all Tuesdays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Wednesdays 4am KST (complete donations reached for $60)
  • U-Know Time (Jung Yunho): all Thursdays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Fridays 4am KST (complete donations reached for $60)
  • Sukkie Lovers (Jang Geun Suk): all Fridays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Saturdays 4am KST (complete donations reached for $60)
  • Green Hour (SS501): all Saturdays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Sundays 4am KST (complete donations reached for $60)
  • Sweet World (Kim Jaejoong): all Sundays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Mondays 4am KST (complete donations reached for $60)
  • Alien Space (Kim Hyun-joong): all Mondays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Tuesdays 4am KST (complete donations reached for $60)

Old Programs (Currently Not In Our Schedule)

The following programs were broadcasted previously, but were stopped due to low donations or low amount of listeners.

  • Orion Sounds (JYJ)
  • Rock Island (FTISLAND)
  • Army Force (BTS)
  • Pink Date (Apink)
  • Show B2ST (BEAST/Highlight)
  • Golden Spirit (Infinite)
  • Soshi Time (SNSD/Girls Generation)
  • VIP Zone (BigBang)
  • TOP Angels (Teen Top)
  • It’s Raining (RAIN)
  • Super Men (Super Junior)
  • So Wonderful (Wonder Girls)
  • Shinhwa

If you want this shows to be broadcasted again or you want new artists in our Mixtape Channel, please join our polls for Song of The WeekSong of The Year or WeekStar, as winners always receive special programs as gifts. Also you can request to open a new time slot for your artists, with a monthly donation of $60 (3 programs per week).

Please help the Mixtape Channel stay alive. We are always receiving donations. Thanks!