Kpop Music Ranking: Update (March 4, 2019)

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The most recent update of our weekly kpop music ranking, for March 4, with our top ten hits as follows.

Number 10: Dreamcatcher - "Piri" (Same spot as previous week / 2 weeks in chart)

A song about feeling lost again and again, until the real love can be found. Only time will tell and the search never ends because it is the only way to be saved.

Number 9: Infinite - "Clock" (Drops 1 spot / 2 weeks in chart)

A relationship that ended some time ago, but whose memory remains firm in time. He longs for the good times spent together and is willing to recover her and not let her go again, because she is his only refuge.

Number 8: Mino - "Fiancé" (Drops 2 spots / 8 weeks in chart - leaving)

A boy sings about the girl he likes, a beautiful and sexy woman. She ignores him for now, but he is trying his best to seduce her.

Number 7: Trei – “Gravity” (Chart debut)

A song about a broken relationship. He still remembers her and can’t forget even if he tries. His heart is empty and his days are meaningless. He needs her to return and not go any further away.


Number 6: Hwa Sa (Mamamoo) – “Twit” (Chart debut)

A girl thinks her partner is a fool for only being interested in her. She don’t care about their relationship, but he only lives for her, and that’s why he is unhappy and suffering. She wants him to look the other way.


Number 5: Yesung & Chung Ha - " Watcha Doin’ " (Drops 1 spot / 8 weeks in chart - leaving)

A boy and a girl are in love, starting something new, and both act like kids, trying to fill their time looking for each other, because, the destination is obvious.


Number 4: Taemin - "Want" (Drops 1 spot / 2 weeks in chart)

A song about seduction. A man knows a woman wants him, and he is in control of this passionate relationship that just starts.


Number 3: Winner - "Millions" (Drops 1 spot / 8 weeks in chart - leaving)

A couple in love with each other, and she wants to know why he loves her. He's got millions of reasons and wants to tell her.


Number 2: GFRIEND - "Sunrise" (Climbs 3 spots / 5 weeks in chart)

A girl is in love with a boy but she can't still reach his heart. In the meanwhile, she will continue to dream of him and, wonders when he will rescue her from the darkness.

Number 1: Kim Hyun Joong - "Why" (3 weeks in first place / 3 weeks in chart)

Sad and beautiful song about a boy that some time ago, broke up with a girl. But he regrets having let her go. If only he could turn back time, so he never let her go. She is everything to him, and the only thing he can do now is go to the place where he let her go, and wait for her.


Top ten table looks like this:


This week, the following songs leave our Hot 20 (nominated songs): 

  • Winner - "Millions"

  • Yesung & ChungHa - "Whatcha Doin’"

  • Mino - "Fiancé"

  • EXO - "Love Shot"

  • Apink - "% % (Eung Eung)"

  • ChungHa – Gotta Go

And the following songs replace them: 

  • Nine Muses - "Remember"

  • Key (Shinee) - "Cold"

  • Monsta X - "Alligator"

  • Loona - "Butterfly"

  • FTISLAND - "God Bless You"

  • Ravi (VIXX) – “Live” (ft. Chungha)

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