Kpop Music Ranking: Update (February 18, 2019)

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Our weekly kpop music ranking has been updated on February 18, with this ten hit songs:

Number 10: BoA - "Amor" (Drops 2 spots / 5 weeks in chart)

A relationship that comes and goes, many times both hurt each other. But even though goodbyes are common in them, to be apart only make her want him more. Tonight, she only wants to be loved by him.

Number 9: EXO - "Love Shot" (Climbs 3 spots / 6 weeks in chart)

A boy wants to find real love, despite his hardened heart in a sad world.

Number 8: Lee Minhyuk (BTOB) - "Ya" (Debut in chart)

A special feeling, that can't be found anywhere else. That is what a boy feels about a girl, that makes him alive again. He only wants to stay with her every minute of his life.

Number 7: Apink - "%% (Eung Eung)" (Drops 3 spots / 4 weeks in chart)

A girl dreams to find that perfect guy with a warm heart that will make her happy, but as time passes she feels alone and ends up with superficial boys, don’t letting them know her real self.

Number 6: CLC - "No" (Debut in chart)

A pretty girl that loves herself, tries to tell the boy she likes, that she is different from other girls. If he really wants her, he will need to learn not to expect common things from her.

Number 5: Mino - "Fiancé" (Climbs 2 spots / 6 weeks in chart)

A boy sings about the girl he likes, a beautiful and sexy woman. She ignores him for now, but he is trying his best to seduce her.

Number 4: Yesung & Chung Ha - " Watcha Doin' " (Drops 1 spot / 6 weeks in chart)

A boy and a girl are in love, starting something new, and both act like kids, trying to fill their time looking for each other, because, the destination is obvious.

Number 3: Chung Ha - "Gotta Go" (Drops 1 spot / 5 weeks in chart)

It is almost midnight, it is late, and a girl wants to tell the boy she likes how she feels, but she can't move any further. She doesn't want to go, losing it all.

Number 2: Winner - "Millions" (Drops 1 spot / 6 weeks in chart)

A couple in love with each other, and she wants to know why he loves her. He's got millions of reasons and wants to tell her.

Number 1: Kim Hyunjoong - "Why" (Debut in chart)

Sad and beautiful song about a boy that some time ago, broke up with a girl. But he regrets having let her go. If only he could turn back time, so he never let her go. She is everything to him, and the only thing he can do now is go to the place where he let her go, and wait for her.

Top ten table looks like this:

Kpopway Top 10 Kpop Ranking Feb 18, 2019

This week, the following songs leave our Hot 20 (nominated songs):

  • iKon - "I'm OK"

  • Shaun - "Bad Habits"

  • Punch - "Love Is You"

And the following songs replace them:

  • Taemin - "Want"

  • Infinite - "Clock"

  • Dreamcatcher - "Piri"

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