Featured Programs - January 2019


During January 2019, this will be the schedule for Featured Programs that are based on donations:

  • Green Hour, all Saturdays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Sundays 4am KST (complete donations for $60)

  • Sukkie Lovers, all Fridays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Saturdays 4am KST (complete donations for $60)

  • Orion Sounds, all Sundays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Mondays 4am KST (complete donations for $60)

  • Alien Space, all Mondays 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Tuesdays 4am KST (complete donations for $60)

  • Blue Style, due that fixed donation for $60 was not reached, a partial amount of $50 will be used in ten programs as follows:

    • Tuesday 1/Jan, 10:30am & 9pm KST

    • Tuesday 8/Jan, 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Wednesday 9/Jan, 4am KST

    • Tuesday 15/Jan, 10:30am & 9pm KST, and Wednesday 16/Jan, 4am KST

    • Tuesday 22/Jan, 10:30am & 9pm KST

As agreed before, all featured programs need $60 per month to be broadcasted completely. If donations reaches a lower amount, broadcasts will be made using $5 per each program, trying to complete 3 programs each week, giving priority to 9pm KST program, then 10:30am KST, and last, 4am KST.

Please help the Mixtape Channel with your donations here. Thanks!

Fabrizio LavadoComment