Life Full Of Change


On April 20, we are celebrating our 4th year as radio, and as every year, we have some heavy changes in our radio programs. As mentioned last year to many listeners directly, this year 2017 is the last year for featured programs (dedicated to only one artist). The only reason for this, is to fulfill our purpose as radio: to spread kpop music around the world, so new fans can listen, and old fans can enjoy, building in the way, a huge kpop community.

We left that purpose aside, when we started to fill our schedule with programs dedicated to only a few artists, attracting a lot of listeners that only liked those 6 artists. This started to occur in September 2013, so for more than 3 years, we have been broadcasting for free, lots of hours of your favorite artists.

Said this, starting May 1st, 2017, no more featured programs will be broadcasted (being the last one, Orion Sounds of April 30, 2017), and new programs will be presented in our schedule.

You can read here, our previous year post for reference (please read all the text including the comments at the end). There, we explained our plans on a very detailed and clear way (in the first comment reply).

Now, time has come to keep pursuing our goal and purpose.

To give an alternative to listeners that are used to featured programs, we launched the NEW CHANNELS PROJECT here. But, although it had a good acceptance at first, when we mentioned that it was to be supported by donations, many sent us negative messages. So we canceled the project and it won’t be suggested again.

As a last alternative to listeners that still like featured programs, we will launch a new project called “KPOPWAY MIXTAPE CHANNEL”. Please read carefully about the project below, and comment giving complete feedback, explaining the reasons why you will support or why you won’t support it (in English, Spanish, Japanese, or any language), so we can evaluate if it makes sense to open it, as it will give us more work to manage it properly.


As a way to have featured programs still in Kpopway, as we won’t be able to broadcast those in our main and current radio channel, we can open one additional channel called KPOPWAY MIXTAPE CHANNEL, that will broadcast, two times a day, for two hours each time, our current featured programs for Kim Hyun-joong, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Jang Geun Suk, SS501 and JYJ. So this channel can have:

1) 2 broadcasts per day for each of the current featured artists mentioned above: - First broadcast (intended for America): 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) / 10am KST (Korean Standard Time) - Second broadcast (intended for Asia): 7am EST / 9pm KST 2) Dedicated chat rooms for each artist (to be accessed from PC/Mac or mobile using Chrome/Firefox/Safari) 3) Listeners stats, so you always know how many listeners are connected 4) The possibility to request your favorite songs to be broadcasted on each program, using the forum for requests

This new channel will be broadcasting only when there is a featured program. The rest of the time, will be OFF AIR. If you want to listen to a featured program of your favorite artists you can join this new channel, using a new link to be provided, for PC/Mac or mobile (using TuneIn radio). If you want to keep listening to mixed kpop music, you can always go to or any of our official Kpopway mobile apps.

This new channel will be free for everybody, so you won’t need to do nothing special to listen to the broadcast; just join and listen (you won’t be forced to login or pay for nothing). But, it will need donations to survive. Voluntary donations, from anyone that want to keep this alive. We will need to cover the monthly cost of $240 US dollars. Of all the more than 5,000 listeners of featured programs, we will only need less than 5% of them, 240 people, to donate 1 dollar each month (can be different people every month). Will you be able to support this channel every once in a while? Please tell us what you think down below the comments. Thanks.