This is the second part, with the new awards! Keep voting; this is very important, please share it a lot! Here you can vote for: 1) Video of The Year 2) Album of The Year 3) Artist of The Year

Our score for this awards will be as follows: Votes (Score from 1 to 15) x 90% + Dj's Bonus (Score from 1 to 15) x 10%. Highest score will win the award.

Don't forget to vote for part 1 (Song Of The Year 2016), until December 27 here.

The KPOPWAY TOP KPOP AWARDS 2016 will be presented on December 31, 7pm EST (January 1, 9am KST), and will consist of the presentation of the top 30 songs of the year, the best video, best album and artist of the year.

Please vote here below, with unlimited votes, until December 30 (9:59am EST / 11:59pm KST):