We have reached that time of the year when we start preparing for the next. We will see some changes coming soon and another ones, have been already implemented in the previous hours. So, some of them we will list below. As this information is very important, we urge you to share this post. PROGRAMS

  • DJ's PROGRAMS: Until the end of the year, with exact dates still to be confirmed, we will stop all our DJ's conducted programs (Kpop Classics, Remember Drama, Knewpop, Top Ten). Some of this programs will be restarted in 2017 with changes in schedule and presented in English.
  • TOP TEN: The last Top Ten Ranking program will be presented this coming Monday, December 12, 2016 at 7pm EST (Tuesday 9am KST) with replay on Tuesday 5:30am EST (7:30pm KST)
  • FEATURED PROGRAMS: Our featured artists programs will continue as always, with one change for GREEN HOUR program, that will be moved permanently to Saturdays 7am EST (9pm KST), as the number of American listeners were reduced hugely in the previous weeks, with only 25% of total listeners.
  • CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: On December 24, 7pm EST (December 25, 9am KST) we will broadcast a small Christmas show, with some special music from your favorite artists and short greetings messages from your DJ's and from our listeners. So we encourage you to send your audio messages by email to, starting now, with short Christmas greeting messages for our listeners all over the world. Language can be any, but messages need to be short (up to 20 seconds long. Deadline: December 23, anytime). Hope you can join us to celebrate (^_^)
  • KPOPWAY TOP KPOP 2016: On December 31, 7pm EST (January 1, 9am KST) we will broadcast our KPOPWAY TOP KPOP 2016 show, where we will be presenting the top 30 ranking for 2016, with the most important Song of the Year, but also presenting 3 new awards: Artist of The Year, Album of The Year and Music Video of The Year. For this, we will start a poll, so you can support your artists with your votes. You will see all our nominees for the 4 awards. Also we will explain how the final score will be calculated and what will be the . All this information will be published on a new post in the following hours.


  • Almost all our website content have been translated to English, and in the following days, 100% will be completed. This corresponds to our intention to reach our global audience. So listeners from all over the world are welcome in our community!
  • We will also make a big effort to start, in 2017 new short programs, with speech in English, so we can communicate also, some important things through the mic. But this will be challenging for us, as we are not native English speakers. So be patient please!
  • We will expect from you all your suggestions for the coming year 2017, so we can have a nice bunch of fresh ideas for improving this kpop music radio and community. So please take some minutes to write a couple of lines replying to this post. Thanks!

Note: EST = Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) / KST = Korean Standard Time (UTC+9)