How To Request Music


If you want to request your favorite songs in Kpopway radio, please consider the following:

1) Normal requests: you can requests songs 24 hours a day, using our requests system here: Request one song, wait for it until it is programmed and then request again. No cheating on this will be allowed.  Normally, you should wait up to 135 minutes for your song to be programmed (if there are many requests). If a radio program starts and your song was not programmed, it should at the end of the program. So it is not recommended to request music just before a program starts. Check here our radio schedule, so you can plan ahead your requests.

2) Featured Programs Requests: Please send an email to, between 72 and 48 hours before the program starts. You can request up to 3 songs. If there are a lot of requests, it is possible that not all your requests can be programmed. But you will enjoy anyway.

3) Music Suggestions/Recommendations: If you find that we do not have in our database, that artists or songs you want, please sned us an email to suggesting us to include the new music in our database.

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