We want to wish to all our listeners, a happy new year and give thanks to all that have been supporting us in this almost 3 years. In this year 2016, we want to retake the original purpose for which the radio was created, that is to broadcast and spread kpop music, and to create a place to gather ALL fans of this music genre.

In this sense, we want to speak out regarding all the changes that the radio is making, to reach its objective.

Among this changes, we have the renewal of the musical featured programs. This started since December 2015. And our objective is to open the doors to new fandoms and diversify the type of music that the radio plays. Not only because many listeners have requested this, but, as we said before, this is coherent with our radio mission and vision.

We know that many listeners are confused with this changes, but we will be grateful for your support and disposition to receive our new listeners and new programs.

The work at Kpopway involves a lot of time and effort. We work with our best disposition and procure to be ahead, in the creation of new content and formats, and in all the technical work involved, that makes possible Kpopway to be on air. Against this, it is exhausting to face complaints from listeners who do not welcome or promote change. We thank their commitment with the radio, but we expect their support for all the projects of Kpopway, and not only in favor of their own fandom. We believe that all of us, that enjoys kpop music, are a community, and music is for unite people and not for creating division.

We hope that henceforth, cease all the attacks and comments that do not build and to start this year renewing the support and confidence of all who are part of the Kpopway radio community, because we expect this project to last many years and to continue growing. Additionally, we hope to continue working with all people that wants to be involved with us instead of deciding to become a more colder radio station, that do not accept their listeners suggestions, just to avoid conflict and make this work more bearable.

We want to finish this message, welcoming new listeners and renewing our commitment as broadcasters of kpop music.

Thanks again. Yours, DJ Danita & DJ Fabrizio Founders of Kpopway Radio