Please be informed, that starting now, in the following hours, we will start using a different radio streaming service. 1) New radio streaming service will allow the following:

- To use only one radio server (simpler to manage) - More stable streaming (better uptime) - More bandwidth allowed (50Tb vs 3.5Gb current) - More maximum listeners allowed (Unlimited vs 2,400 current) - No more limits on increasing listeners - More space for music on our Cloud DJ service (50gb vs 30gb current) - Modern radio software configuration parameters - More detailed listeners statistics (live, but only on the control panel for DJ's - exportable to CSV format) - Improved security - Social media integration

2) New radio streaming service will not allow temporarily the following:

- Live listeners number disclosure on website. Number of listeners will not be shown on the website, below the radio player, and also, will not be shown in the listeners database in the website. - Automated music requests system (this will be implemented in April 2016). We won't be accepting music requests for the first quarter of 2016.

To keep disclosing listeners information, we will be publishing in the Web page, the internal radio listeners statistics at the end of the programs.

This change in radio streaming service is to improve the quality of our streaming service, but with optimized costs. Hope you can understand and keep supporting Kpopway Radio, kpop for the world, your world.


DJ Danita &  DJ Fabrizio