Kpopway Weekly Ranking - Top Ten / November 30, 2015


This is our weekly commented ranking, presented at our radio station program, with 3 new songs debuting among the Top 10. Our weekly chart:

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10. Like OHH AHH - Twice

This catchy song keeps its same place as previous week, with two weeks of permanency and 531 votes.

A song by new JYP girlband Twice, from their debut extended play album, The Story Begins, released on Octoer 19, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, a girl really feels good about herself; she feels very pretty, and admired. But all the she wants now, is to fall in love; she is waiting for someone that can make her feel like a woman and that can leave her speechless (come on guys, they are waiting!)

09. Higher - 2PM

First debuting song this week, with 569 votes

This fast paced song by boyband 2PM, is from their Japanese long play album Higher, released on October 21, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, a guy feels totally captivated by a beautiful girl, and although he considered himself as experienced in love, the moment he met her, things changed forever. Now he wants her to take him higher, to fly together to far places. He feels he found the true answer for his life (Wow he is totally in love…)

08. 4 Walls - f(x)

This song drops two places in the ranking, with four weeks of permanency and 625 votes.

Song by girl band f(x), from their 4th album 4 Walls, released on October 27, 2015, experimenting more with electronic sounds.

In the lyrics of the song, there is a comparison between a relationship and a house, that is complex and it is a reflection of its inhabitants. It is a song about being in love strongly for the first time, and having mixed feelings about the relationship.

07. Oh Boy! - AOA

This week, this song drops 3 places in the ranking, with 4 weeks of permanency and 679 votes.

Song by girl band AOA, released as single album for the Japanese market, on October 1st, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, AOA girls are teachers in the "Oh Boy" Academy, and they teach a young and unexperienced boy, to turn into a real man, and to learn how to treat a woman.

06. Hero - Monsta X

Dropping three places this week, with three weeks of permanency and 754 votes.

Song by the boyband Monsta X, from their 2nd extended play album Rush, released on September 7, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, a guy expresses his frustration, because the girl he likes, is always surrounded by other guys. He tells her she is so beautiful that he now has a lot of enemies; that he is going to be her hero to protect her from the other guys that bother her all the time.

05. Chained Up - VIXX

Keeps its same place as previous week, with three weeks of permanency and 876 votes.

Song by the boy band VIXX, from their 2nd full length album Chained Up, released on November 10, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, a guy feels totally under control of the girl he loves. In the past he believed that there was no power in relationships, but this time he is trapped for life. He is a slave and she has a whip to subdue him. He feels totally chained up and can’t escape from her.

04. Twenty Three - IU

Climbing three places in the weekly ranking, with two weeks of permanency and 925 votes.

Song by solo singer, model and actress IU, from her extended play album Chat Shire, released on October 23, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, IU speaks about herself, about being 23 years old. She tells us what she thinks of that age, and using personal experiences with netizens and fans to to give them a message: that nobody can really judge her correctly, only by external facts, because no one can see her heart and real intentions.

03. Supernova - CNBLUE

Second new debut in our ranking this week, with 4,031 votes.

A mid tempo song by pop/rock band CNBLUE. Song from their Japanese album Colors, released on September 30, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song a guy is totally in pain, and he longs for his beloved one. He wants to be able to send his love far away as in a dream, to reach her, beyond time.

02. Insensible - Lee Hongki

Third new debut this week in our ranking with 5,474 votes.

A touchy ballad by singer Lee Hongki, member of FTISLAND. Song from his album FM302, released on November 17, 2015.

In the lyrics of the song, a guy feels very sad and he is crying because some time ago he was left by the girl he loved. Now he remembers her, because it is raining as the day he let her go. The memories that he loved her, is what keeps him alive, and he wants her back again in his life.

01. Yesterday - XIA Junsu

Keeps its first spot for four weeks in a row, with 13,651 votes.

Song by singer XIA Junsu, member of JYJ, from his newly released extended play album, Yesterday, released on October 19, 2015.

The lyrics of the song, expresses uncertainty about the future of a relationship. Shows that feeling of being apprehensive with the one you love and being anxious about a possible separation. He knows that things will change between them going forward, but he promises that he will always have a place for her in his life. It is also an interpretation as a message to his fans: Of him not wanting them to leave him while he is at his military service. He knows that things will change, but he will be there, always for them.

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This week, the following songs left our ranking: Closer by Oh My Girl, Mind Your Own Business by Ailee and I by Taeyeon, so we have 3 new releases this week in our Hot 20 for voting.

New songs: Murphy & Sally by D.Holic, Hot Pink by EXID and Sleepless Night by Nine Muses.

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