Kpopway Weekly Ranking - Top Ten / November 9, 2015


Our weekly commented ranking, updated again in our blog. This week two new songs reached a place among the most important songs in the radio. Continue reading to see our chart and a commentary for each song. Enjoy! Our weekly chart:

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10. Fullmoon Shine / BigStar This week, this fabulous ballad drops two spots on our ranking, during their fifth week, reaching 557 votes. Song of the boy band BigStar, from their 3rd mini álbum, Shine a Moonlight, released on September 4, 2015. The lyrics of the song, shows about a guy that dreams while awake, with a short hair beautiful girl that everybody wants He has gone mad about her and he surrendered to her wonderful eyes. Today he wants to go out and like a robber, steal her heart and make her love him. She is invaluable for him, and with the light of this beautiful full moon, he will go after her, so she can be his girl afterwards.

09. Wow Wow Wow / Junjin This song drops 3 spots in our weekly ranking, being already 6 weeks with us with 578 votes obtained this week. Song by Junjin, meber of Shinhwa boy band. From his album. REAL, released on September 7, 2015. In the lyrics of the song, a boy and a girl are atracted to each other. He says that she is in shock because of his dancing moves, and tells her to surrender before him. HE also says to her that he has the style that can’t be purchased with money and to stay with him, because his heart only beats because of her.

08. Closer / On My Girl Beautiful song, but this week drops 1 spot on the weekly top ten ranking. With 3 weeks already listed and having gained 689 votes this week. Song by girl band Oh My Girl, from their album Closer, released on October 8, 2015. This songs is about personal development. In the lyrics, a girl speaks about our wish to grow, and to reach our real identity. But once we have done it, we regret it. Although we can’t go back in time, we can read our own memories, that always will be there, although we would never be able to be the same person again.

07. Lonely / N.Flying The FNC boy band N.Flying with their ballad, Lonely, stays for second week in our ranking rising two spots, with 702 votes. Song released as single on October 22, 2015. The lyrics told us about boys and how they regret their broken relationships, and all the following feelings of loneliness and sadness. The song is permeated with their own experiences in love.

06. I / Taeyeon And inspirational song that drops 1 spot in the weekly ranking, in its third week of permanency. Reaching this week, 958 votes. Song by Taeyeon, member of Girls' Generation girl band, from the album "I", released on October 7, 2015. In the lyrics of the song, a girl that has suffered previously, encounters strenght and encouragement. Now she's ready to fly high and like being on a dream, seeing her life as something beautiful. She is going to run high again.

05. 4 Walls This song drops 2 spots on our weekly ranking, in its second week. With 983 votes reached. Song by girl band f(x), from their 4th album 4 Walls, released on October 27, 2015, experimenting more with electronic sounds. In the lyrics of the song, there is a comparison of a relationship with a house, that is complex and it is a reflection of its inhabitants. It is a song about being in love strongly for the first time, and having mixed feelings about the relationship. While the video is representing this, but within a different need to watch it out!

04. Mind Your Own Business / Ailee The strong and amazing voice of singer Ailee, in this song about a broken relationship.

Drops 2 spots in its 4th week in our ranking. This week reaches 1347 votes. Song from her album Vivid, released on September 30, 2015 In the lyrics, a girl tells us about her relationship. She says to her partner that she will leave him, because they both did a lot of damage to themselves. And before it's too late, she wants him to mind with his own business. She says she will turn around and not regret it. And that she will never accept him back, even if he begs her to return.

03. Oh Boy / AOA First new release of the week. With 1807 votes. Song by girl band AOA, released as single album for the japanese market, on October 1, 2015. In the lyrics, AOA girls are teachers in the "Oh Boy" Academy, and they teach a young and unexperienced boy, to turn into a real man, and to learn how to treat a woman.

02. Cinderella / CNBLUE This song drops one spot and loses the first place. With 7 weeks in our weekly ranking, this week reaches 3,146 votes. A song by CNBLUE boy band, from their second long play korean album, "2gether", released on September 14, 2015. This song tries to reinterpret the Cinderella story... In the lyrics of the song, a boy tells us about the girl that drives him crazy. She always leaves him when midnight arrives, but today he doesn't want to let her go; he don't want to be alone anymore. He says he will put a red carpet for her, and treat her like a princess. HE only wants to know better his cinderella.

01. Yesterday / XIA Junsu This is our second new release this week, reaching 17, 222 votes! (amazing) Song by singer XIA Junsu, member of JYJ, from his newly released extended play album, Yesterday, released on October 19, 2015. The lyrics of the song, expresses uncertainty about the future of a relationship. Shows that feeling of being apprehensive with the one you love and being anxious about a possible separation. He knows that things will change between them going forward, but he promises that he will always have a place for her in his life. It is also an interpretation as a message to his fans. Of him not wanting them to leave him while he is at his military service. He knows that things will change, but he will be there, always for them.

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Here you can see our complete Hot 20 chart, with the 20 most important songs here at Kpopway radio:

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This week, the song Chocolate by Kangnam, left our Top Ten ranking, and two more songs left the HOT 20, Lean on Me by Soyou & Kwon Jeong Yeol, and My Type by iKon. This way, three new songs were added, so there these songs are now available for voting.

New songs: All is In U by BEAST, Hero by Monsta X and Chained Up by VIXX.

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