K-pop Music Ranking: Update (May 14, 2019)

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This week's updated ranking, on May 14, with the 10 most voted songs by our listeners. Let's enjoy together.

Number 10: Apink / “Everybody Ready?” (Drops 4 spots / 2 weeks in chart)

Every year since their debut (2011), the girls of Apink have released a song for their fans. This is 2019 one, to celebrate their 8th anniversary as a group and with their fans.

A song that gives energy to their fans motivating them to be with them for a long time still.

Number 9: 1THE9 / "Domino" (Climbs 4 spots / 3 weeks in chart)

A relationship in its last stage, as everything falls into pieces. Trust failed, love is broken, and all good memories are lost. Breaking up and saying goodbye is imminent.

Number 8: TWICE / "Fancy" (Climbs 7 spots / 2 weeks in chart)

A happy song about a girl that is deeply in love with a boy, but she is not able to be patient to wait for him so she will take the first moves to be together forever, as he means everything for her, like a fantasy, like a dream.

Number 7: Jeong Eunji & 10cm / "Be With Me" (Chart debut)

A seasonal song for spring. A song about an unusual nice day to go out and have a walk with someone special, with no plans, nowhere to go, just walk and enjoy.

Number 6: Pentagon / "Sha La La" (Climbs 8 spots / 6 weeks in chart)

A song written to help stressed people to relax a bit, whenever there are those situations in life that gives us a lot of pressure. A motivation song to have some relief, breaking free from whatever is in our way.

Number 5: Kim Jaejoong / "Sweetest Love" (Same sport as previous week / 8 weeks in chart)

A couple far away from each other, and he misses her a lot. His love for her is big and sweet and longs to be soon with her again.

Number 4: Kim Kyu-jong (ft. Dandi) / "Just Love Song" (Climbs 3 spot / 3 weeks in chart)

A nice collaboration between Kim Kyu Jong and rapper Dandi. A sad song about a relationship that is breaking in pieces and almost over.

Number 3: Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) / "Snapshot" (Climbs 1 spot / 5 weeks in chart)

A pretty girl admired by a boy, that compares her to a model, and every time he sees her, he wants to be in the imaginary picture with her, to be the perfect shot together. She needs no lights, only the moonlight to look amazing.

Number 2: Jung Yong-hwa / “Melody” (Climbs 1 spot / 4 weeks in chart)

The third release of Jung Yong-hwa’s “Feel The Five Y” project, brings us this song gifted to his fans while he is in the military service.

In his lyrics, the leader of CNBLUE gives hope, as he says that even the endings, or farewells, are the signs of new days to come. He states clear that there is a strong bond with his fans and that he will preserve memories and all the music they enjoyed together, for the melody never to reach an end.

Number 1: 100% / “Still Loving You” (Climbs 1 spot / 7 weeks in chart)

A boy still misses a lot his girl, after some time they broke up. He wonders why she forgot him so easily. But anyway, he wants her back in his life. It is so hard for him to forget her as he still loves her.

Top ten table looks like this:


And our complete Hot 20 table looks like this:


This week, the following songs leave our Hot 20 (nominated songs):

  • Kim Jaejoong / "Sweetest Love"

  • Super Junio D&E / "Danger"

  • Bolbbalgan4 / "Bom"

  • EXO-CBX / "Paper Cuts"

And the following songs replace them:

  • Park Bom (ft. Wheein) / "4:44"

  • Nam Woohyun (ft. Junoflo) / "Hold On Me"

  • NU'EST / "Bet Bet"

  • Oh My Girl / "The Fifth Season (SSFWL)"

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