K-pop Music Ranking: Update (April 15, 2019)


This is our latest Kpop Music ranking update, after presenting our weekly countdown, on April 15. This shows us the most voted songs of the week.

Number 10: Mamamoo / “Gogobebe” (Drops 3 spot / 3 weeks in chart)

A girl is going crazy and tells his partner that he must drop all formality and have some fun with her.

Number 9: JBJ95 / "Awake" (Chart debut)

A boy can't control his feelings for a girl. He has fallen in love and all his days are new and filled with hope. He asks her to never let him go.

Number 8: (G)i-dle / “Señorita” (Climbs 2 spots / 5 weeks in chart)

A woman quickly fell in love with a man that she recently knows. Both are trying to seduce each other, and she only wants to be loved by him.

Number 7: IZ*ONE / "Violeta" (Chart debut)

Song about someone very special. The one that makes everything stop, that may be their fans. They ask them to open more their hearts and get closer, because they will always be together.

Number 6: Kim Jaejoong / “Sweetest Love” (Drops 2 spot / 4 weeks in chart)

A couple far away from each other, and he misses her a lot. His love for her is big and sweet and longs to be soon with her again.

Number 5: KARD / "Bomb Bomb" (Chart debut)

One night of party, a boy and a girl meet each other and even if they don't know each other, they want to be together all night.

Number 4: Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) / "Snap Shot" (Chart debut)

A pretty girl admired by a boy, that compares her to a model, and every time he sees her, he wants to be in the imaginary picture with her, to be the perfect shot together. She needs no lights, only the moonlight to look amazing.

Number 3: Chen (EXO) / "Beautiful Goodbye" (Chart debut)

A relationship that is coming to an end, because the love is dying. As they will say goodbye to each other, he wants this to be a meaningful time, remembering good times together and trying to remake their lives as best as they can. He wishes her good luck to find someone better for her.

Number 2: 100% / “Still Loving You” (Climbs 1 spot / 3 weeks in chart)

A boy still misses a lot his girl, after some time they broke up. He wonders why she forgot him so easily. But anyway, he wants her back in his life. It is so hard for him to forget her as he still loves her.

Number 1: Park Yoochun / “Slow Dance” (Stays in first spot for 5 weeks in a row / 5 weeks in chart)

Micky Yoochun wants you to be part of his stage. He knows how to make you laugh and make the crowd go happy. As he controls the tempo, he wants to slow dance with you.

Top ten table looks like this:


And our complete Hot 20 table looks like this:

Kpopway Hot 20 Table

This week, the following songs leave our Hot 20 (nominated songs):

  • Momoland / "I'm So Hot"

  • Monsta X / "Alligator"

  • Park Bom (ft. Sandara) / "Spring"

And the following songs replace them:

  • Jung Yong Hwa / "Melody"

  • BlackPink / "Kill This Love"

  • BTS (ft. Halsey) / "Boy With Luv"

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