Best Kpop Music Releases - February 2019



Another month full of activity for kpop music. Leaving behind great music, as a matter of summary, here we mention only ten notorious music productions hand-picked from a very big list. All of this below albums and songs, you can listen and request in our main kpop music channel here.

Kim Hyun-joong

Singer and actor, leader of SS501 legendary boyband, and well known for his acting roles in Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, Inspiring generation and When Time Stopped dramas. After his release from the military enlistment, he was very active (mainly in the Japanese market) and this year makes a comeback to the Korean scene, with a full album release on February 4, named “New Age”. He took part in the arranging lyrics and composition of the songs. This album, under Henecia Music, is composed by 11 tracks, with 3 new songs, “Why”, “New Age” and Love Song, 6 Korean versions of Japanese tracks, one English track and one instrumental. Let’s enjoy below the M/V for the title track “Why”, filmed entirely in one shot style, in Paris, with French subtitles.


The girl group previously known as MINX, from the agency Dreamcatcher Company, consists of seven girls and debuted in 2014. Under their new name, they have made a comeback in February 13, with their fourth extended play album “The End of Nightmare” composed by 6 tracks, to give happiness to all their Insomnia fan base. Possibly leaving their original dark concept based on nightmares, as their latest album name suggests, to perform with new ones (I am really looking forward). Enjoy their title track “Piri” below.


With real name Park Sun-yong and stage name “Hyomin”, is a member of veteran girl group T-ARA, solo singer and actress. In activity since 2009 with T-ARA and since 2014 as solo singer. On February 20, she released her third extended play album “Allure”, meaning “look” in French and “a fascinating and mysterious attraction” in English. With title track of the same name “Allure”, it consists of 8 tracks including previous singles “Mango” and “U Um U Um” with all songs including Chinese versions also. Let’s enjoy her title song “Allure” here below.


By Blockberry Creative. A two-year pre debut project presenting their 12 members since August 2016. Debuting finally in August 2018 as a complete group. The name of the group means Girl of the Month in Korean. On February 19 they made a comeback with the release of their repackaged album “X X” following their debut album “+ +“. The new album includes six additional tracks including “Butterfly” as the title song. Enjoy.


Lee Taemin, singer, actor and member of Shinee boy group, from SM Entertainment. With a nice musical production since his debut with Shinee in 2008 and as solo singer since 2014, he already released 3 full length studio albums (2 for Korea and 1 for Japan) and 4 extended play albums (2 for Korea and 2 for Japan). His second extended play album for the Korean market, “Want”, was released in February 11, making a comeback since his latest Korean release in 2017 (“Move”). This album consists of 7 tracks and the main song “Want”, which was very well received, winning number one’s in Korean TV Music Shows. Enjoy “Want” M/V here below.


A JYP Entertainment new and debutant girl group, consisting of 5 members currently. They have done it the right way, with big buzz, releasing their first single album “It’z Different” on February 12, with the lead track “Dalla Dalla” whose M/V surpassed 14M views in its first 24 hours. Itzy currently has the record for being the fastest girl group obtaining a number one on MNET M Countdown since debut, in only 9 days. Stay tuned for all of their future music releases that will be broadcasted at Kpopway radio. Now, please enjoy their M/V “Dalla Dalla”.


The popular girl group by Cube Entertainment, debuted in May 2018. They have made a comeback in February 26, with their second extended play album “I Made”, consisting of 5 songs, with the lead track “Señorita”, composed and written by member and rapper Soyeon with famous music producer Big Sancho. Enjoy the M/V for “Señorita”.


Popular boy band created in 2015 during the reality show No Mercy, in 2015 by Starship Entertainment, recently on February 18, released their 3rd full length album, “Take 2: We Are Here”. Consisting of 10 tracks, including lead track “Alligator” and “Play It Cool” with Steve Aoki. Enjoy the title song “Alligator” but don’t forget you can request all songs of the album in our system.


A debutant boy band by Banana Culture, conformed by 3 members, including an experienced artist, Lee Jaejun who was member of now disbanded C-Clown group. Even though they released two songs in 2017 as pre-debut, they made their first official presentation this year in February 19, on a showcase. They have debuted with an extended play album, “Born”, with 5 tracks, and lead song “Gravity”. Please enjoy their music and give them support.


The first dance group by FNC Entertainment, conformed by 9 members (Sensational First 9 and also Sensational Feeling 9), starting their activities in October 2016. Now as more than 2 years have passed, and after a big musical production, with 6 extended play albums for Korea, 1 for Taiwan, and 1 full length album for Japan, they made a comeback for the Korean scene. Their 6th extended play album “Narcissus”, was released on February 20. This includes 6 songs with the main title song “Enough”. Enjoy their awesome music.

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