Mixtape: Important!


As many of you are already aware, our Mixtape Channel, was being supported by ads and donations. As we have lost our ads account (Adsense) due to invalid clicking, we will no longer be funding the Mixtape Channel with ads. So only donations will be accepted.

Funds received from ads and donations will let us pay up to the end of February, all Mixtape Channel related expenses.

To keep broadcasting on the Mixtape Channel (starting March), we will need your support. Currently, all related Mixtape Channel costs are around $238 (US dollars) per month. As we received donations in the past to pay for this costs, we also received many complaints regarding the donations system, as only a few fans for some of the artists were donating. Being this unfair.

So, this time, we will receive donations per artist. Donations will no longer pay directly for the channel, but for each program. In order to keep alive each program, a fixed amount of $60 (US dollars) per month will be needed. We will pay for additional costs not being covered, if for example, only one, two or three artists are being broadcasted.

You can make your donations here, starting from $5 (US dollars), indicating the artist (Kim Hyun-joong, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, SS501, JYJ). You can also see the current breakdown of donations by artists here.

Please share this important information. Thanks.