Welcome Guide For Our Kpop Radio Station

This is a small guide to navigate our site.

• ¿How to listen to Kpopway Radio? Look here and find all the ways you can listen to Kpopway Radio.

• ¿How to request music? Youc an do it using our requests system. But also, you can look here for additional info regarding music requests.

• ¿How to be aware of music shows? Look our ccalendar here.

• How to contact other kpop fans? First you can register here. Then you can go to our chat. You can leave us your thoughts in the forum. And also, join any of our groups and fan clubs.

• How to vote for my favorite kpop song? ¿How to join the polls? Please join here.

• How to follow your social media? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube.

• Contact your DJ's directly here.

• Support our project here.