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WeekStar – Artist of The Week

Our WeekStar poll, shows the most popular artists this week at Kpopway Radio.

Evaluation period: March 30  to April 5


New Nominations This Week

  • Monsta X
  • Twice
  • (G)i-dle

Artists Leaving

  • Rocket Punch
  • StayC
  • Blackpink

Complete List of Nominations

  1. Team H
  2. Suga
  3. Heo Young Saeng
  4. Kim Kyujong
  5. Park Yuchun
  6. Park Jungmin
  7. Kim Hyungjun
  8. Dreamcatcher
  9. Kim Junsu (XIA)
  10. Secret Number
  11. Kim Jaejoong
  12. Kai
  13. Kim Hyun-joong
  14. Cravity
  15. ONEUS
  16. Lovelyz
  17. The Rose
  18. Monsta X
  19. Twice
  20. (G)i-dle

Complete WeekStar Table


About WeekStar

  • WeekStar competition, is run inside our mobile app (Android / iPhone & iPad), starting on Tuesdays 10am KST and until Mondays 10am KST, and the winner, the one with more votes after a week, is selected as WeekStar (artist of the week).
  • There are always 20 nominated artists for WeekStar.
  • Airtime gift: All weekstar nominated artists will have as privilege, while staying in the weekstar poll, a guaranteed airtime in our main radio station, of not less than 3 songs per day, to showcase their music to our +800k monthly listeners. This is on top of our current programming that may have more songs by that artists.
  • Special programs gift: will be won by the first 3 in the poll.

    1st place: special program mixtape of up to 3 hours, broadcasted in our Mixtape channel, or a short showcase program of 20 to 30 minutes in our main Radio station, presenting some information of the artists & their best songs.

    2nd place: special program mixtape of up to 2 hours or showcase program also.

    3rd place: special program mixtape of up to 1.5 hours or showcase program too.

    In the case of rookie artist & those who have low number of released songs, a showcase program will be the option. In other cases, a showcase can be requested instead of a mixtape too (to be coordinated with a fanclub). Also, in the case any artists have only one or two songs released, the awarded gifts can be reserved for any time in the future, waiting for more songs released.

  • In the case that a winner requests a showcase program (through a fan club) instead of a mixtape, in order to not make other fans unhappy, both gift types will alternate, every time a gift is awarded; 1 week a showcase, 1 week a mixtape.
  • Programs are awarded for the next available week, in The Weekly Mixtape.
  • For 1st place, the same program will be broadcasted 3 times, on Sunday 10:30am KST (aimed to America), Sunday 9pm KST (aimed to Asia & Australia) and Monday 4am KST (aimed to Europe & Africa) to cover all the world timezones.
  • For 2nd place, the same program will be broadcasted 2 times, on Sunday 8:00am KST & 6pm KST.
  • For 3rd place, the same program will be broadcasted 2 times, on Saturday 8:00am KST & 6pm KST.
  • In the case of short showcase programs, will be broadcasted in our main radio station, on any upcoming week available, normally on Saturdays or Sundays, 10:30am KST (aimed to America), 9pm KST (aimed to Asia & Australia) & 4am KST (aimed to Europe & Africa) to cover all the world timezones.
  • All artists can be nominated, even those who already have fixed weekly special programs like Kim Hyun-joong, Jang Geun Suk, CNBLUE & SS501.
  • A tweet asking for nominees will be sent once a week, and the most requested 3 artists will be nominated & will replace the last 3 in the poll. Last 3 can return again after 4 weeks.
  • Winners won’t rest, and all artists can win every week.
  • This rules can be modified in the short future, as this is a test competition.