Our WeekStar poll, shows the most popular artists this week at Kpopway Radio.

Last update: January 19, 2021


New Nominations This Week

  • Suga
  • MCND
  • BTOB
  • Rocket Punch

Artists Leaving

  • LOONA (As winners, rests for January and returns in February)
  • Got7
  • Blackpink
  • Taeyeon

Complete List of Nominations

  • Heo Young Saeng
  • Team H
  • Kim Kyujong
  • Park Yuchun
  • Park Jungmin
  • Kim Hyungjun
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Kim Junsu (XIA)
  • Jung Yonghwa
  • Sunmi
  • IU
  • Mamamoo
  • EXO
  • BTS
  • Suga
  • MCND
  • BTOB
  • Rocket Punch

Some Numbers:

We had this week, 4,161 voters, that cast a total of 63,699 votes in 6 days!

Complete WeekStar Table

Kpopway WeekStar Ranking

How to become a WeekStar?

  • Every week, DJ’s choose some artists to be nominated for the WeekStar poll (4 normally). Those are picked from the most voted artists of The Song of The Week, those suggested by our listeners, or because of any other indicator that suggests that the artists will have some popularity.
  • New nominated artists replace those in the lowest positions of previous week poll (the last 3, normally) and the winner of the WeekStar.
  • Removed artists, won’t return for a long time (many weeks), as we want to give opportunity to all kpop music groups.
  • The WeekStar poll, is run inside our mobile app (Android / iPhone & iPad), starting on Tuesdays 10am KST and until Mondays 10am KST, and the winner, the one with more votes after a week, is selected as WeekStar (artist of the week).
  • The WeekStar wins a special program of up to 3 hours, in the next available week, in The Weekly Mixtape. The same program will be broadcasted 3 times, on Sunday 10:30am KST (aimed to America), Sunday 9pm KST (aimed to Asia & Australia) and Monday 4am KST (aimed to Europe & Africa) to cover all the world timezones.
  • Balancing feature: If any given artist wins the WeekStar during any given month, will leave WeekStar competition for that month (and return automatically the next month), to give opportunity to other fan clubs to better organize, and avoid total domination of one fan club, that had more time to be prepared.
  • This balancing feature will be updated on the following weeks once WeekStar competition reaches much more people.