Who we are and why we keep this kpop music project alive.

Our Project: Kpopway

Kpopway is an online kpop music radio as well as being an international community, created with the purpose of promoting kpop music in the world, and bringing together all kpop fans in one place.

Kpop music encompasses more musical styles than just pop. Our radio tries to help the fans, to know more genres and musical artists, that somehow are less known within the commercial industry of kpop (mainstream).

And besides, it’s a good place to meet other kpop fans like you.

Ourselves: DJ Danita & DJ Fabrizio

Our radio is only managed by the two of us, DJ Danita & DJ Fabrizio; And we take care of the technical and creative aspects (everything!)

If you would like to help us create content for our programs and publications, please contact us by email.


I am an actress, communicator and designer. I started in the kpop world since 2010. As an artist, I admire the idea of reparing complete artists, who can perform in different fields, such as acting, singing, musical composition, dance and even fashion design.

I also love Korean dramas, because the stories are varied, there are always unexpected endings and I can see them without stopping until the end even if I do not eat and sleep!

My purpose here at Kpopway is to share what I have learned from the Hallyu wave. My biggest contribution here is on the creative side, with ideas for content and structure for radio programs, website and social media. I also contribute with the styling of the project.

Please forgive me if I am not so involved in the day to day with the listeners in social media and website chat, because I have my head in many places at the same time and my schedules are not so flexible.

My favorite actor is Lee Min Ho. I am Minoz, but I can not say that I have a favorite kpop music group, because I like many.


I am an economist and audiovisual producer. I am also an obsessive compulsive robot, with a good taste for kpop music, owner and producer of Kpopway Radio.

I am currently working for a global commodities trading company, as a financial controller, and also run my own corporate film production company.

I love kpop and I like many groups, not just one. I really enjoy listening and searching for new kpop music every day, plus learning a lot more about the artists behind.

My contribution here at Kpopway is to materialize all the ideas (put them to work), on the technical side, from the configuration of radio servers to the production and post production of radio programs.

I am very tech-savvy and I always carry with me in my pocket 24 hours a day a broadband internet connection … hackers beware!!


Contact: radio@kpopway.com