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Kpop Radio – Enjoy the K-pop Music You Love

Welcome to Kpopway Radio. Here you will enjoy the best kpop music, 24/7, worldwide. Listen to kpop hits from all times, classic to new releases, commercial-free.

Some Tips While You Enjoy Our Kpop Music Broadcast

  • Besides this site, there are other many ways to listen to our kpop music radio station.
  • You can start downloading our mobile app for Android or iOS (iphone/ipad).
  • If you want to listen to your favorite artists, learn how to request kpop music in our radio, and participate in our daily program “The Requests Playlist”, with a playlist with the 30 most requested songs of the last 24 hours.
  • You will learn what this week has in kpop music, listening to our commented ranking, the “Kpopway Weekly Countdown”.
  • If you want to get to know your artists better, never miss our “Kpopway Showcase” programs, with information and music of selected artists.
  • Whenever you want to listen to hand-made kpop playlists of selected South Korean idols, you can enjoy our daily mixtapes at Kpopway Mixtape.
  • To be aware of all our programs, please visit our schedule and add the programs your are interested to, to your own calendar.
  • Every week, we add new albums and songs to our programming. Our music catalogue is very big and contains the best kpop hits of all times. With all popular songs.
  • You can help your favorite idols to have more air time here in this radio station, voting for them in our polls. This polls are the best kpop music song of the week, also for best kpop music artist of the week and at the end of every year for best kpop music song of the year. You will be able to see there also the current standings of top songs and artists.

Join Our Kpop Music Community and Learn a Little Bit More About Us

  • Join our community, connecting with us through our social media. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Youtube to stay connected with us, learn how to participate and support your artists. Also, so you don’t miss any of our programs.
  • Whenever you have an extra minute, learn a litle bit more about us and how our timeline looks, to understand how this radio station was shaped over time. And if you like us already, how about helping us keep this project alive with a small donation?
  • We are a licensed radio station (by APDAYC in association with Komca, Jasrac, Ascap and many others), and we pay royalties to the artists broadcasted. So listening here, helps your artists too.