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    Although we have a lot of music in our radio, there is a lot more we would like to have for you to listen. Suggest here the songs or korean artists that we currently don’t have at Kpopway radio. Thanks.

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    Rohini Krishna
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    i cannot find the whole playlist of ss501 and the individual artist songs of ss501 .. please update it

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      Hi. I have 100% updated music of SS501 and individual artists, but I have blocked all requests from those artists due to many TripleS and Henecia cheating when doing requests. I am sorry.

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      Why did you block TripleS and HENECIA? Some people are unfamiliar with the new system and do not know where to make the request. Could you forgive them?

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    hola djs bueno mi consulta es si ustedes también no tienen la canción Shining Star de Double S 301 o se olvidaron de incluir en el sistema de pedidos Gracias!!! 🙂

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      Hola Anita. Gracias por la consulta. En realidad no la tenemos como parte de la programación de la radio porque esa canción es una versión que viene solamente en los discos físicos y no hay forma de comprarla de forma digital. Ahora solo compramos lo que está disponible en forma digital que es mucho más barato. Cuando se trata de discos físicos, por ahora solamente recibimos donaciones de algunas oyentes japonesas. No podemos comprar muchas cosas por restricciones de presupuesto y menos por una sola canción.

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    hola! mi sugerencia es la canción only one de ZIA
    saludos 🙂

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      Ya la puedes encontrar en nuestra programación. Gracias.

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    Stfani Cres1
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    Hola!! 😊 Buenas Noches Dj’s Danita & Fabrizio mi sugerencia musical 🎶 es:
    👉 5urprise – Hey U Come On 👈
    se lo agradezco – Gracias!!✌
    Exitos!! kpopway la mejor 😊👍
    Bendiciones Siempre 🙏

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    Hi, if it’s possible in the future I like to listen Lee Joon Gi (Lee Jun Ki) not matter what is it album or song. I write the names of all albums and song, so you can choose what do you want because some album or song are hard to find. Thank you very much.


    Single – Thank you / 3 tracks / 2016
    1. Thank you
    2. Now
    3. We wish you a Merry Christmas


    Mini album – Exhale / 6 tracks / 2014
    1. Ma Lady
    2. U
    3. For a While
    4. Bring da Beat
    5. Ma Lady(Inst.)
    6. For a While(Inst.)

    Mini album – My Dear / 5 tracks / 2013
    1. Fever
    2. My Dear
    3. Fiery Eyes(New Ver.)
    4. Foolish Love(New Ver.)
    5. The Giving Tree(New Ver.)

    Mini album – CBC / 5 tracks / 2013
    1. The Answer (Intro.)
    2. Tonight
    3. Closer
    4. Case By Case
    5. Lost Frame

    Single – Deucer / 9 tracks /2012
    1. Together (Japanese Ver.)
    2. The Rain (Japanese Ver.)
    3. Born Again (Korean Ver.)
    4. Folk Rock
    5. Together (Korean Ver.)
    6. The Rain (Korean Ver.)
    7. Together (Inst.)
    8. The Rain (Inst.)
    9. Born Again (Inst.)

    Mini album – Compliment / 8 tracks / 2012
    1. Together
    2. Born Again
    3. Compliment (칭찬해줘)
    4. Lee Jun Ki…You Won (이별아…니가 이겼어)
    5. Together (Inst.)
    6. Born Again (Inst.)
    7. Compliment (Inst.)
    8. Lee Jun Ki…You Won (Inst.)

    Single – J Style / 8 tracks / 2009
    1. J Style
    2. Soliloquize (혼잣말)
    3. I’m Ready
    4. The Giving Tree (아낌없이 주는 나무)
    5. One Word (한마디만)
    6. I Don’t Know How to Love (사랑을 몰라)
    7. Foolish Love (바보사랑)
    8. Soliloquize (Instrumental)

    Single – My Jun / 3 tracks / 2006
    1. One Word (한마디만)
    2. Don’t Know Love (사랑을 몰라)
    3. Foolish Love (바보사랑)


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    Sous Chefs N.W.A (NEW WAVE ATTITUDE) feat. Jay Park

    Hopefully you can play this new song

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