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    Could you stop the mail arrive to many user that the other user’s request contents for feature program?

    thank you

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    Hello Kannu.

    The users that are receiving emails regarding the requests, are the ones that voluntarily accepted to do so. If you look at this image attached, you can see below that there is a “check mark” field, and a text that says in Spanish: ” Notificarme de las siguientes respuestas por correo electrónico” or that means in English: “Notify me of the following responses by email”. So in order to not receive by email this responses they should access the forum again and remove the “check mark” that is below, sending any post there (they can send now a test post with any content). I have highlighted that text in pink so everyone can notice it.

    If those users were not receiving emails previously is because their accounts didn’t have an email associated (normally, Twitter users).

    I hope to have solved your question. Thanks.


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      Hello DJ Fabrizio and Miss kaorun, How are you?
      I posted this on the featured request topic.

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    Hello DJ^^

    I do not need to receive e-mails for special feature requests.

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