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    Good morning, DJ Fabrizio! How are you?
    May I ask ? おたずねします
    the new register person should to transmit to the radio, the user name, e-mail address, and password.
    If login for the her first time with the URL of the mail you receive from the radio.
    What timing is it that she register to the radio to hers real name?
    新規登録で ユーザー名、メアド、パスワードをラジオに送信します

    For example,
    Miss Yumi Takahashi using a fake name to the radio without use hers real name .
    and she register on fake that Yuka Takemoto to the radio.
    in this case, Could you confirm the fake name?
    the fake one is register as the real name to the radio data base?

    タカハシ ユミさんが,ラジオに偽名を使っています。
    偽名のタケモト ユカで登録した場合

    thank you.

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    Hello Kannu.

    1) My post of a few days was directed to old users. New users should follow the rule as soon as they can. As long as I see they have positive activity inside the community, I won’t ban them or cancel their accounts. It happens that I have received many accounts created only with spamming or hacking purposes. That is why it is important that real community members follow my previous post instructions. If not, then I can only think their accounts are some not important and were used as spamming accounts. So timing, depends.

    2) Everyone can use fake names. There is no way I can guess the real name. The fake names will be stored in the database. Please note that there are people that uses fake names in the internet, for security reasons, but there are also many that uses fake names for illegal or cheating purposes. I am against cheating, of course.

    Hope to have solved your questions. Cheers.

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    thank you.

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