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  • la verdad me encanta eh visto muchos dramas de el ,ahora estoy mirando la que hiso hace poco un genio,aparte de ser hermoso
  • JKS is such a very talented person and I really enjoy listening to his music and I watch his movies when they become available either through Netflix or on the internet. I absolutely love him as a person, musician, actor, producer, and directing, etc. Like I said, he is VERY talented person. I would love to meet him and actually attend a concert but I cannot due to my being disabled. Anyways, I really appreciate how personable he is with all his fans... THANK YOU JKS , may God continue to Bless you and your family.
  • I like JKS
  • Hi, dear Eels! Hola queridas Anguilas!
  • Welcome to the Eels Official Community on Kpopway Radio annalie fordon & dhelicious!
  • ICU JKS❤️
  • 哈哈 我听不了歌 可以聊天
  • 张根硕❤
  • 张根硕❤️
  • 张根硕❤️
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