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Top 10 Ranking: Update (Mar.12, 2018)

On Monday, March 12th, we presented our Kpopway TOP TEN program, with the 10 best songs of the week, and within the top 10 we had 2 new songs, and many changes between the positions. Here we present a commented summary of each song. 

Number 10: Kim Sung Kyu - True Love

A ballad by leader of INFINITE boyband, Kim Sung Kyu, from his long play album "10 Stories", released on February 26. This is our first new entry this week into the top 10 songs.

A boy can no longer contain his feelings towards a girl, who considers him a great friend. He wants her to accept his love, his true love, and so he can stop hiding and be able to love her freely.

Number 9: iKon - Love Scenario

A song that climbs 3 places and reaches the top 10 again, in its third week among the nominated songs. Title song of iKon's album, "Return", released on January 1st.

A love story that has just ended. He misses her, and suffers for her. But he has the beautiful memories of that love scenario that they created together, in which the lights have already gone out.

Number 8: Infinite - Tell Me

With this song, Infinite has achieved much success this year. Main theme of their full-length album "Top Seed" released on January 8. Climbs three positions in its seventh week in the ranking. This song managed to be two weeks in the first place.

A boy can not stand the situation he lives, because wherever he goes and at any time, he misses the woman he still loves, who ended up with him. He feels regretful that he has ruined things and wants her to return and that things are good as before.

Number 7: Yang Yoseob - Where I Am Gone

Second new entry this week. Song by Yang Yoseob, member of Highlight boyband. From his second extended play album "White", released on February 19.

A song about a farewell. The end of a relationship. He feels lost and knows that life without her will lack happiness. It does not mean that he will forget her, because he knows it will be difficult, and that place where they were together before, now without her, will be a flood of tears. He does not want her to suffer for him, but he says goodbye, hoping that she will remember him.

Number 6: ChunghA - Roller Coaster

This song falls three positions this week. Main song of the extended play album "Offset" by ChunghA, released on January 17.

A girl has the experience of falling in love again. She feels that every day is really new, full of emotions. Her love is like a roller coaster.

Number 5: Kassy - I Want Love

Great song by Kassy, from her extended play album "I Want Love", released on January 18th. It climbs three spots this week, in its second week among the top 10 songs.

A girl notices that her partner is very cold towards her. It is not like before; he gave her all his attention. She feels that her relationship is coming to an end and she still loves him; She would like him to find another woman, so she ca hate him, but for now, what she wants most is to be loved by him as when their relationship began.

Number 4: Sunmi - Heroine

Song released as single on January 18; prequel of Gashina, which was a great success of Sunmi, in 2017. This week, it falls two positions in its sixth week in the ranking.

A girl lives, perhaps, the last times of a very hard relationship for her. The behavior of her partner hurts her, but she does not want him to stop being what he is, or to change for her. She just wants him to remain himself, despite the damage he does to her. She knows that her story will sooner or later have a sad ending.

Number 3: Lee Jonghyun - Starry Places

Song of the album "Metropolis" by Lee Jonghyun, member of CNBLUE. Album released on January 24, for the Japanese market. This song climbs two places in its third week in the top 10.

A boy has an accelerated heart because he is going to have a walk tonight with the girl he likes and invites her to explore places full of stars together.

Number 2: Red Velvet - Bad Boy

Excellent song by Red Velvet. From their repackaged album "The Perfect Red Velvet", released on January 29. This songs climbs five places this week.

A woman is attracted to a man whom she considers extremely attractive and different. She has chosen him already; she knows that she will not fail and finally she will conquer him. However she does not want him to fall so easily, so she wants to play with his mind first.


Number 1 : Seventeen - Thanks

Main song of their special album "Directors Cut", released on February 5th. Climbs eight spots in the ranking in its fourth week, and reaching the top.

Song made for their fans, but sung as for a woman, the one who taught him what love is. The one he now misses, but with whom he can only be grateful, and sorry for not having been mature and brave enough to express what he felt for her.

This is our final chart for this week, with the 10 most important songs (Top 10):


This songs left our 20 nominees (Hot 20):

  • To Heart by fromis_9
  • Monster by Henry

And this are the new nominated songs:

  • Black Dress by CLC
  • Mamma Mia by SF9

Vote for the 20 nominated songs, our Hot 20, so that you help your favorite songs to be in this Top 10 ranking. Vote here.

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Annyeong haseyo!

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Mixtape: Important!

ENGLISH (En Español, leer más abajo)

As many of you are already aware, our Mixtape Channel, was being supported by ads and donations. As we have lost our ads account (Adsense) due to invalid clicking, we will no longer be funding the Mixtape Channel with ads. So only donations will be accepted.

Funds received from ads and donations will let us pay up to the end of February 2018, all Mixtape Channel related expenses.

To keep broadcasting on the Mixtape Channel (starting March 2018), we will need your support. Currently, all related Mixtape Channel costs are around $238 (US dollars) per month. As we received donations in the past to pay for this costs, we also received many complaints regarding the donations system, as only a few fans for some of the artists were donating. Being this unfair.

So, this time, we will receive donations per artist. Donations will no longer pay directly for the channel, but for each program. In order to keep alive each program, a fixed amount of $60 (US dollars) per month will be needed. We will pay for additional costs not being covered, if for example, only one, two or three artists are being broadcasted. Artists that lose their space, can recover it later, if their space is not already taken. New artists can be included also.

You can make your donations here, starting from $5 (US dollars), indicating the artist (Kim Hyun-joong, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, SS501, JYJ).

Please share this important information. Thanks.


Como muchos de ustedes ya saben, nuestro canal Mixtape estaba siendo respaldado por anuncios y donaciones. Como hemos perdido nuestra cuenta de anuncios (Adsense) debido a clics inválidos, ya no financiaremos el canal Mixtape con anuncios. Entonces solo se aceptarán donaciones.

Los fondos recibidos de anuncios y donaciones nos permitirán pagar hasta fines de Febrero 2018, todos los gastos relacionados con el Canal Mixtape.

Para seguir transmitiendo en el canal Mixtape (a partir de Marzo 2018), necesitaremos su apoyo. Actualmente, todos los costos relacionados con el Canal Mixtape son de alrededor de $ 238 (dólares estadounidenses) por mes. Como en el pasado recibimos donaciones para pagar estos costos, también recibimos muchas quejas con respecto al sistema de donaciones, ya que solo unos pocos fans de algunos de los artistas estaban donando. Siendo esto injusto.

Entonces, esta vez, recibiremos donaciones por artista. Las donaciones ya no pagarán directamente por el canal, sino por cada programa. Para mantener vivo cada programa, se necesitará una cantidad fija de $ 60 (dólares estadounidenses) por mes. Pagaremos los costos adicionales que no estén cubiertos, si, por ejemplo, solo se transmiten programas para uno, dos o tres artistas. Los artistas que pierdan su espacio, pueden recuperarlo posteriormente, si es que su espacio aún sigue libre. Nuevos artistas pueden incluirse también.

Pueden hacer sus donaciones aquí, desde $ 5 (dólares estadounidenses), indicando el artista (Kim Hyun-joong, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, SS501, JYJ).

Por favor comparte esta información importante. Gracias.

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