Due to security issues accessing to the web site, we need to clean up the users data base of Kpopway Radio. There are many users that don't use their accounts and many other new ones that only access for making musical requests but don't have updated their profiles. Due to this, we have removed access and registering with social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter). We have only left active, access and usual registration, using the username or email and password. So, if you want to continue using your previous account, and you can not access (especially if you registered using Twitter), please send an email to indicating the following:

  • The username with which you accessed the page
  • Real first name
  • Real last name
  • Real email address

We will update your profile and give you a temporary password. You can access your profile and if you like, you can then change the password from your user profile, accessing the configuration link.

If you were normally signing in with Facebook, you can continue entering your account using your Facebook username, or using the associated email, and the password that you normally use for Facebook. If not, please send us also an email as mentioned above.

If you still have access to your account, but it is not complete, please take into account that you must have updated there, your real first name, real last name, real email address and updated image / avatar. Accounts that are not updated, will be deleted in 7 days.

If you have any doubts about this process, please include your questions in the email addressed to or leave your comments in the forum, in the support section, here.

Thank you!

RadioFabrizio LavadoComment