After finishing the MonthStar competition for November, the winner artist and new MonthStar was Kim Hyun-joong. Congratulations to his fans who were creating interesting content for the web page and also motivated other fans to connect and collaborate. You can always see the current results of the competition in this link. Also on this below table:


The 23 points for the winner were made of 20 points from fan-art, 3 points for content posted in the Henecia group at the web page and zero points for posts in the kpop forum or blog.

The new MonthStar competition starts now, for December, and exactly as it was for November, will be based also on content creation for the web page

The various types of content that listeners and fans of the radio can create, are detailed below and each piece of content, will score the group or artist in reference. The artist with the highest score received during the month, will be the artist of the month or MonthStar and will have its own portal here on

Please take into account that so the vast majority of listeners can understand, the pieces of content can only be in English.

  • Dates for receiving content: Between Dec.1 and Dec.31
  • Content creation for

(1 POINT) Post in the fans groups (here in this link: )

  • Language: English (translated texts with bad grammar won't be considered)
  • Original information about the group / artist
  • Will not be considered repetitive publications or with irrelevant content (at the discretion of DJs). Creativity is important!
  • Example:
    • “A new project for SBS INKIGAYO musical program, that will be called " Music Crush", tries to join creators of great hits with excellent singers. In this opportunity and as first release of this project, the song “The Reason Why I Got Pretty” was presented; this is a sweet ballad created by the well known producers Duble Sidekick, who selected the nice voices of Jeong Eunji from APink, Jihyo from Twice, and solo singer Ben. Watch here below the presentation:” (Put here a link to original video from Youtube)

(2 POINTS) Original post in the forums (here in this link: )

  • Language: English (translated texts won't be considered)
  • Interactive posts: Encourage other fans to reply with their opinions
  • Will not be considered repetitive posts or with irrelevant content (at the discretion of the DJs)
  • New posts are counted / replies to already created posts are not counted. But if a post doesn't have replies, it will not counted.
  • Example of posts:
    • "The new song Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS, has a very mysterious lyrics. I think that by watching the video and reading the lyrics, I can give my basic interpretation: it shows the group on its way to maturity, and on the way they have to face many problems, such as letting go of childish things and taking on new responsibilities, but also facing temptations that were previously not there product of fame and money. What do you think of the song? "


(5 POINTS) Blog post:

  • Language: English (translated texts with bad grammar won't be considered)
  • Send by email to indicating the fandom of the person who wrote the publication
  • Original texts (not plagiarism)
  • Own articles about hallyu wave (research, opinion, curiosities)
  • Generic examples of publications that can be received:
    • Chronicles of concerts (with photos and videos)
    • Synopsis and comments on Korean dramas (with photos and videos)
    • Summary of the best places to eat Korean food in your city/country (with photos and videos)

No FAN-ART for this month please!

All your questions, please make them replying to this post. Thank you!

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