Listeners Statistics For Featured Programs


IMPORTANT – LISTENERS STATS To be more transparent with listeners information, and for everyone to be able to estimate the average listeners during any given program, we have included in the web page the total listeners number of all our 8 radio servers, in a small database at this link:

This statistics, are updated every 5 minutes (you will need to reload your browser to see new values), so each hour, a total of 12 values for listeners will be available (24 values for a period of 2 hours)


For any given program time frame, all the values measured for listeners corresponding only to that program (approximately 24 values) will be averaged to have total average listeners for the program. First evaluation date with this statistics will be done with the SS501 program, first broadcast, on December 5, 2015 (Japan/Korea time)

As an example below, we have estimated the average listeners for the first broadcast of the FTISLAND featured program, on Thursday December 3, 2015 at 7:00am Peru time, or 9pm Japan/Korea time (data for evaluation in the image below)


The first listeners value measured was of 199 total listeners (and on that time, the song "Shadow" was playing). The last value measured was of 462 total listeners (and on that time the song "Yuki" was playing).  Data considered for this evaluation is marked with a yellow rectangle above.

Since the first value measured until the last, there were 24 values for total listeners, marked in a red rectangle above. The average of those 24 values was of 390 listeners.


Depending on each month, some programs can have 4, some will have 5 dates for broadcasting. The average of the 4 or 5 average values of the month, will be averaged again, to have the total monthly average. In the example above, the first of this values is "390".

As published on November 28, starting January 2016, every month, the program with the lower average listeners on the previous month, will be replaced by a new program.


This listeners values, are the sum of the “Current listeners” of our eight SHOUTcast radio servers.

You can see at any time the listeners number on each server separately, within the line “Stream Status” when clicking those links above. This is external SHOUTcast statistics, and are totally reliable.

It is important to mention that this sum of the eight listeners number, one for each server, is already being shown in the web site at below the radio player, where it says "Listeners". So there is no need to go to each SHOUTcast link shown above. Those are just for technical reference.

Our database located at will be kept with information of at least one month, so everyone can estimate its own average listeners per program and per month, and build its own radio listeners statistics.

Please consider that the time of the listeners stats is based on Peruvian hour (GMT-5 or Japan/Korea time minus 14 hours)

Thanks for reading. Cheers!