New Featured Programs Rotation System


Currently, there are 12 featured programs (2 programs for Kim Hyun-joong, 2 programs for CNBLUE; 2 programs for JYJ, 2 programs for FTISLAND, 2 programs for Jang Keun Suk and 2 programs for SS501) Starting January 2016, every month, the program with the lowest average listeners during the previous month, will be replaced by a new one.

Every new program, will have one month of grace; so at least, every new program will have two months for broadcasting.

The first evaluation month will be December 2015.

This will continue permanently, so each month, one new featured program will be released.

Each broadcasting time, will be evaluated separately; so it is possible that first broadcast of any given artist can be replaced, but not the second broadcast necessarily (as an example)

Please share with all your contacts, so you can help increase the number of listeners of your favorite programs!

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