Kpopway Free Android App


Enjoy all the kpop music you love 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our free app for Android. Download it from the Google Play store now. Keep reading for how to download and use it. How to?

1) Download the app.

Go to Google Play store and search for Kpopway. Or just use this direct link.

You must have Android 3.2 or above for it to work on your smartphone. On some older devices it may not work.

upload App icon should look like this...

2) Open it in your smartphone, press play and you are done!

upload (1) Very simple to use... upload (2) Our website seen using our Android app... upload (3) Contact us using the app, but don't request music from there.

3) About Usage.

You need an internet connection to use our Kpopway Android app, because you are connecting to our radio streaming using it. Please consider that each time you are connected, you consume around 60Mb/hour of data transfer, so be sure that if you are using a mobile data transfer plan, you are able to handle it.