Where to Listen to Good Kpop Music?


Here at kpopway.com you can listen 24 hours a day, the latest kpop releases and all time greatest hits, from your favorite South Korean groups. You can request songs using our 24/7 online system, and listen to many new content special programs, like our weekly ranking, with the ten most requested songs from our radio, with comments from each song (“Kpopway Top Ten”); also our weekly program showcasing new albums and artists from the previous days (“K-Newpop”); another weekly program with the best comments and music from popular Korean dramas (“Remember Drama”); a variety program with latest news from groups and their music (“Just4U”) and special programs showcasing every week a new group, with a lot of information and their best songs (“On Stage”). Enjoy the best kpop music and learn more about your favourite South Korean artists, dramas and culture.

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