Hello again!

On the previous hours we were thinking about a new way to keep broadcasting all our current featured programs, so we proposed a new project, the KPOPWAY MIXTAPE CHANNEL. You can read here for reference.

After reading all your valuable feedback on that project, we finally decided to do the following:

  • Start a new channel called KPOPWAY MIXTAPE, to broadcast there only our featured artists programs, two times a day at first. That is, to broadcast two blocks of two hours each per day, music of Kim Hyun-joong, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, SS501 and JYJ. Possibly, and if DJ’s have time, BTS also. And if there is enough demand, a third broadcast for Europe/Africa.
  • To cancel our current featured programs broadcast in our main kpopway.com channel, at the end of this month, as it was planned. So this main channel will be dedicated only to mixed kpop music and our DJ led programs.
  • Kpopway Mixtape channel page, will be “ad supported”; that is, it will have advertising, to pay for the additional cost. So we won’t request donations to support this new channel. Anyway, we have updated our main crowdfunding campaign, to support our main channel and all related broadcasting costs. So if you appreciate Kpopway Radio, you can do a voluntary donation here, every once in a while.
  • New channel won’t have any dedicated app, nor will be available on TuneIn radio or alternative websites. The only way to listen to it, will be using this link on this website, that will show advertising ads, every time you access to it. This is very important for us to be able to pay for this channel. Currently, we have put there our main channel radio player, but you can start using that link to support us with the advertising. Once the channel is created, the radio player there, will only broadcast the featured programs. From there you will be able to listen using any web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Opera), on PC/Mac or mobiles.
  • This new KPOPWAY MIXTAPE channel will be ready as soon as we have some extra funds available, for testing new server, at least for one month. It can be in a week, or in a few months. We don’t know exactly.
  • During the first month of testing, if the advertising revenue in the web page, is not enough to keep paying for the channel, it will be shut down, without any option to open it again.

Hope you can enjoy KPOPWAY MIXTAPE soon, and we really hope it can be there forever. Cheers!

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  1. Profile photo of rinda

    der FABRIZIO JKS特集の道を残してくれて有難うございます。radio視聴時に広告を見る事により、全リスナーは無料でkpopwayを今後も楽しめるのですね。広告収入で特集が継続できる事、期待します。又、以前からのクラウドファンディングによる寄付も少額でも行いますね。いつも沢山の時間と労力に感謝します。本当に有難う

  2. n mari♡wrwJKS (@nyonyounagi)


  3. Profile photo of natsukojj♥I 나는 재중의 소
    natsukojj♥I 나는 재중의 소

    Special Feature Thank you for continuing the group broadcast.
    Thank you for financing with advertisements.
    Personal donations will be made irregularly. To support KPOPWAY.
    BTS is popular in latin too, is not it? I also like BTS, so I’m happy to be featured on the air.
    Thank you very much for taking in our opinion and considering it.

  4. Profile photo of ハル 하루♡TEAM ORICON
    ハル 하루♡TEAM ORICON

    Hello DJ Fabrizio!
    By looking at advertisements it becomes funds for continuing the radio. Thank you for thinking about such a measure.

    I would like to cooperate with personal donations when I can.

    I am really happy that you can listen to the featured thing!
    Thank you

  5. しま shima 시마 (@m2shima)

    こんにちは、,DJ Fabrizio
    Kpopway を応援するため、これからも寄附をしたいと思っています。

  6. kei6002

    DJ ありがとうございます!今後もJYJ特集を聴けるようにしてくださり嬉しく思います。


  7. tomomi

    DJ Fabrizio❤️いつもありがとうございます。

  8. @mokomoko13246

    DJ, Thank you. It is happy because CNBLUE will be lost in May as well (* ° ˙ ª ° ゜ *) нарру ♡

  9. まめ

    DJ 広告収入での放送 嬉しいです!
    色々 考えて頂いて ありがとうございます。
    これからも JKS特集 楽しみにしています。



  11. Profile photo of カンヌ隊員

    Hello, DJ Fabrizio!
    How are you?
    新しいチャンネルについて発表する際 私たちは広告表示に対して(広告収入のために)何をすればいいのか明確に説明お願いします
    (クリックする、クリックして買い物をする、見るだけ など)
    Please explain clearly to us what should we to do with the display for advertisement if you announce about new channel.
    (For example to click or click and shopping or only view…?)

    • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

      Yes. First, I will be testing many types of advertising. Then, I will announce. But maybe, it won’t require any action. You don’t need to worry about that. Thanks.

  12. Thamera

    Hola Dj Fab..
    I am very happy to be a part of this radio as a listener.Am looking forward to our new radio program and hoping this kind of new project will success .

  13. Profile photo of Zahramzf

    I was listening Alien space & Green hour every week.. thanks for your trying 🙏🏼 I’ll listen to them in the future by anyway that I can ..


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