Hello, our dear Kpopway community.

As stated many times previously, our main purpose here at our radio station is to spread kpop music all over the world, building a community to share our recent or old love for kpop.

To fulfill our purpose we have reshaped many times our musical and content programs. This has caused some listeners to be unhappy, because of lost time for broadcasting their favorite artists music.

To give to all listeners what they expect, we are starting a new project, for creating new radio channels.

The basic idea for now, that can change once received your feedback, is to add one or more radio channels to Kpopway, dedicated to your favorite artists. For example, DJ Fabrizio is a big fan of Apink, so we can open a new radio channel, called “APINK PANDA RADIO”, that will work as if it were a different radio station, managed by us, DJ Danita and DJ Fabrizio, but broadcasting only music by APINK 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can be done for your favorite artist, being FTISLAND, JANG GEUN SUK, JYJ, SS501, KIM HYUN JOONG, CNBLUE or any one you like. Let’s call them “ARTIST” for this example.

The new channel, can broadcast all of this:

  • Varied music by ARTIST as group, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Programs with songs by individual singers of the group, if any
  • Special program with music of dramas, where they have acted
  • Weekly/Monthly ARTIST Top Ten
  • ARTIST weekly news program
  • Artist bio/career program, so new fans can learn about ARTIST (like our old ON STAGE programs, with information and music about the artist)
  • Space for ARTIST fan clubs broadcast (if fan clubs want to send audios to share to the world, they can use these spaces; they even can prepare a special weekly or monthly program)
  • Radio station channel will have also a dedicated chat room, so any fans listening can join to share about ARTIST
  • Radio station channel can have also their own dedicated apps. So maybe you like only ARTIST music but no other kpop music; you can use the dedicated app, for Android or Iphone
  • And many more ideas, that our listeners can share with us.

To maintain our main radio channel is expensive, and we, DJ Danita & DJ Fabrizio, pay all the related expenses with our own money. And this is very difficult sometimes. That is why our campaign for receiving donations to keep Kpopway alive is active always here. But opening an additional radio channel have also its own additional cost. So this project, if it is finally carried out, will need to be 100% funded by fans.

The final cost of any new channel, depends on many factors like:

  • Radio streaming provider. We currently use Wavestreaming, as it is one of the best and reliable radio streaming provider. But for this project we can think of using an alternative provider to reduce costs.
  • Peak listeners number. Maximum number of listeners that can be listening any given time. This is something like how many seats are available. Radio streaming providers base their plans on this value, many times.
  • Monthly bandwidth. This is data transfer, so the more listeners, the more data transferred. This is also a factor that influence plans costs by radio streaming providers.
  • Cloud storage for music. This is like a disk space for storing music, but in a cloud server. We work always like this, so we don’t need to leave turned ON our computer to broadcast music. Music is broadcasted always from a remote and safe server. Here we also store our playlists, our music categories and parameters for radio programming. So the more space we need, the more cost we need to pay to radio streaming providers.
  • Music purchase. Every once in a while we will need to purchase new music by your artists, so this is important to consider also.
  • Royalties. We can’t skip this cost also.
  • Additional services. Web chat and dedicated mobile apps. This is optional.
  • Assistant DJ. As we will need more time to manage new radio channels, we will need to pay a wage to an assistant DJ, so he/she can help us manage radio programming, requests, ad all related tasks.

We have thought about a free radio channel for your favorite artist, so anyone can join to listen anytime, and use additional services. But, as this may have a monthly cost for us, this should be covered by monthly or periodic donations made by fans.

This project is just starting as an idea, so we need your feedback to give shape to this and prepare something more tangible. Give us your comments below please or using your favorite social media. Thanks!


Currently, to make one additional channel, with the same quality, requests system, chat and listeners statistics, it may cost around $240 US Dollars per month.



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29 Responses

    • Rekha

      I want a Kim Hyun Joong radio…wanna hear his songs whenever i feel to…

    • Profile photo of satomi*

      I want to enjoy ALIEN SPACE and GREEN HOUR with everyone as it is. The radio that you can listen to 24 hours at any time is attractive, but it will be listen alone. I would like to share time to enjoy with HENECIA&TripleS at a fixed time.

      • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

        This is a good point to consider. If a new channel dedicated to an artist is expected to have good value for listeners, needs to have different musical formats, and keeping intact the spirit of the weekly program, like ALIEN SPACE, so no matter if you can listen 24/7, you always have a fixed time of the week where you know you will find other fans also. It is important to consider also, that many american listeners can’t listen currently, because featured programs available, have a time schedule more suitable for Asia.

    • Profile photo of Takachanʚ❤ɞKHJ

      Thank you very much for a special story of Kim Hyun Joong you like very much and SS501.

      This suggestion.

      They’re my feelings to say that I want you to leave me an usual special story just as it is.

      Everyone of a fan can share the same hour.

      I’m not riches so much.

      In purpose of Alien.
      Even a little.
      Financing, be possible.
      Because I’d like to do.

      I’d like maintenance of the status quo.

      • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

        Current featured programs won’t last forever. As stated before on a previous post, this will be the last year of featured programs. We receive many complains about giving too much time to only few artists, and we want to fulfill our purpose as radio.

      • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

        Yes. That is it if we open many channels. Another idea is to open only one channel, but only for featured programs, as I mentioned before to some listeners. I am trying to think on alternative options to make featured programs survive.

    • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

      If you can give us some feedback regarding the project, it will be of great value to us. Thanks! Si nos puedes dar comentarios sobre el proyecto, será de gran valor para nosotros. Gracias!

  1. Grażyna Czajer

    With great pleasure I always listen to Your radio stadion. One of my favorite performers is Kim Hyun Joong. It is always easier to turn on the radio at a specific time and enjoy the music of your favorite performer, especially us foreigners.I hope this will cintinue!!! I wish this station all good!!!!

  2. Profile photo of もこ☆B@J

    Tonight, DJ! The new program is difficult. I can not listen to the radio for 24 hours. I like to broadcast for the current 2 hours (*) *) ♬ *

  3. Profile photo of Rekha

    I want my one and only one Kim Hyun Joong music channel….wanna hear his songs every dayy…😍

  4. Profile photo of ayayuki☆

    Always get it and need that and thank you very much for a nice broadcast of ALIEN and a GREEN HOUR💚I’m very happy in broadcast time now💚

  5. Staff

    Creo que como Triple S no podría dejar a nadie de lado ni poner a otro encima de todos. Así que yo preferiría sólo la Green Hour