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We want to thank all fans for their support to their artists and special programs, and we want to finish this year 2016, retaking our original purpose that is to reach all kpop lovers, with programs that showcase varied music.

For that reason, and also due to the request of many listeners who write to us, starting November 2016, we will have only one time frame for each musical featured program. This means that 4 featured programs will no longer be broadcasted: Rock Island (1st broadcast), Sukkie Lovers (1st broadcast), Green Hour (2nd broadcast) and Alien Space (1st broadcast). Those spaces will be replaced by different types of programs in the future.


Queremos agradecer a todos los fans por el apoyo durante este tiempo a sus artistas y programas especiales y queremos terminar el 2016 retomando nuestro propósito original, que es el de llegar a todos los amantes del kpop, con programas de música variada.

Por este motivo y a pedido de muchos oyentes que nos escriben, empezando Noviembre 2016, vamos a tener un único horario para los programas musicales especiales. Dicho esto, 4 programas especiales dejarán de ser transmitidos: Rock Island (1era emisión), Sukkie Lovers (1ra emisión), Green Hour (2da emisión) y Alien Space (1ra emisión). Estos espacios serán reemplazados por otro tipo de programas en el futuro.

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  1. epicmomof9

    We as a Fan Club get together and listen to Alien Space every Sunday evening. We are very, very disappointed that you are canceling that program on Sunday evening from Kim Hyun Joong. We would like to petition you to reconsider and not cancel that program on Sunday evening at 9:30 pm Eastern time, 6:30 pm Pacific time, here in the USA. We would be very grateful if you would leave it on the schedule as previously scheduled, as this has become a regular appointment for us to get together and listen to Kim Hyun Joong on Kpopway and chat as a Fan Club.
    Thank you for your cooperation and consideration with this.

    • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

      Hi. First of all, I want to thank you for taking your time to write. I would like to explain a little bit more about the reasons behind this. If you read our “About Us” section, you will see we are only two people here at Kpopway that do everything: web site building, technical radio stuff, music programming, social media managing, providing content, designing, everything. We, since start, in 2013, had a purpose in mind, that is to promote kpop music to people that are new to this genre, and to gather all kpop fans in one place to build a kpop community. We have grown in this almost 4 years, but we have not been so consistent with our purpose. We have devoted many hours a week to broadcast music for only 6 artists, and this has happened since late 2013, for more than 3 years! This, had a bad result for us, that is, to concentrate our listenership only within this artists. I can see this every time, in the songs requests queue, in the song voting, in the number of listeners during a day; because a lot of listeners here, only listen their featured artist’s program (Alien Space, Green Hour, Blue Style, etc) and then leave. Average listeners, within a normal day of 24 hours, and not considering special programs, are more or less 130 listeners. If we consider that a normal kpop listener of this radio listen 90 minutes in average, that means that around 1,985 listeners joins Kpopway every day to listen (24 hours / 1.5 hours x 130 listeners per hour = 1985). If you see the number of listeners that artists like Kim Hyun-joong or Jang Geun Suk attracts per program to the radio, you will see that this number is much higher than those average normal listeners that we have with other kpop music. Many fans say that the only reason they join Kpopway is because of their artist. Only a few stay every day and listen to other kpop music artists. We are not fulfilling our purpose if we are not able to reach those kpop fans, that maybe are Henecian, or Boice, or Eels, but like also all kpop music. We are searching for those fans; that type of listeners that will stay with us even if there are no special programs for a unique artist; kpop fans. That way, we will fulfill our purpose and build a kpop community. It is nice to have thousands of Henecian listeners here listening to Kim Hyun-joong (Don’t forget I consider myself an Henecian too), but with that, we don’t fulfill our purpose as a Kpop radio.
      So, we started rotating featured programs to include new artists, but that was not working. So the only way to achieve our goal (to be consistent with it), is to cancel all special programs, that are attracting only fans of a few artists. First stage, will be to have only one program for those artists (starting November). We have chosen the programs with higher listeners numbers. So if we have cancelled first Alien Space broadcast, it is because the morning program have more listeners. In the future (maybe starting next year, or later) there will be no special programs featuring a unique artist.
      We will lose listeners, that is for sure, but we will be consistent with our purpose and will attract new listeners in the future, that will be loving more varied kpop music.
      A project that we will launch some time in the future, is to open free dedicated channels for a unique artist (like an ALIEN SPACE radio for example). But we need time to manage those channels, and money to pay for the big additional cost. We are funding this radio with our own pockets, because we love kpop! Maybe a way to open those channels will be to have specific donations for those channels, so some group of fans can pay for the cost, and others only listen, as we don’t want to have private channels, but free channels for everyone. But first, we need more time to dedicate to our Kpopway main and unique channel, and then we can start thinking on opening more.
      Hope you can understand us, and thank you for reading this long answer…

  2. epicmomof9

    One more bit of explanation, the second broadcast of Alien Space, on Monday mornings that you are currently planning to keep in your schedule, is at 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM on the Western side of the US, for a lot of Kim Hyun Joong Fans in the USA. That is the reason why we are petitioning you to please leave the Sunday evening program broadcast instead.
    We appreciate listening to Kpopway and thank you for all that you do to broadcast Korean music for us to enjoy. You do a tremendous job, and we are thankful for your web sites.

  3. Cheri Teleri

    I did read your explanation. I’ve listened to KPopWay when no special programs were on – but I only found it thru Henecia USA. A whole group of us gets together and listens to Alien Space on Sunday night, because the morning program is at 2-3 am for us! I do believe that your new strategy will simply lose your audience. It really makes me sad.

  4. Ady Martínez

    Buenos días.
    Bueno ya que se han cambiado los programas, les quiero comentar en especial de “Green Hour” y “Alien Space” los horarios no son tan flexibles para muchos y será complicado escucharlos, así que les pido por favor que al menos cambien la hora de la mañana ala noche, será mucho más fácil escucharlos.

    • Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

      Hola Ady. Gracias por escribir. En realidad hemos dejado de cada especial, el que tenía más audiencia. En el caso de Alien Space nos hemos quedado sólo con el de las mañanas de los lunes, porque en ese horario hay muchos más oyentes. En el caso de Green Hour, nos hemos quedado con el de las noches de los viernes, porque era el que más oyentes tenía de los dos. Esto de retirar especiales musicales para un artista, va con nuestro propósito de la radio, que es de difundir la música kpop de todos los artistas. Por eso el tener artistas únicos, y desde hace varios años los mismos, no va con nuestro propósito. Espero sepas comprender. Gracias.

  5. Angie Park

    muero de pena por el cambio de programación en cuanto a la greenhour 🙁 era hermoso dormir escuchando en Bolivia a mis verdosos, luego despertar y trabajar 2 hrs. al ritmo verdoso los sábados…:( me duele mucho por los sábados…alegraban mucho más mi pesado sábado en la oficina 🙁

  6. Profile photo of DJFABRIZIO

    Lo lamento Angie. Los especiales de un sólo artista no van con el propósito de Kpopway Radio de difundir la música kpop. Solo concentran fans de un solo artista, quienes vienen, escuchan el especial y se van, en su gran mayoría (con muy contadas excepciones). Espero comprendas. Gracias.


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